Summer, again?!

I quickly pulled up this blog only to discover that it has been….wait a minute, can it BE?! Over a year since my last post! Impossible. Time is flying faster every year.
One more school year came and went, and now I am almost ready to begin another. I am feeling excited about the coming year. More changes, which will be for the better.
I think it is time to get back to the school schedule, the girls have started being a bit boooorrrreed around the house.
We need to work on having good attitudes here. And sometimes that does mean more work. Which, in turn, means more time spent by Mom organizing and keeping it going.
They have done really well this summer, we started it off by doing lots of spring cleaning. And they’ve all been buried in books, reading for two reading programs this summer-the local library, and also BJU. I love to see them with a thirst for reading, as long as that is not the primary goal in life.
How do I get them to learn to balance that?!
My goal is to update this on a regular basis, and keep a diary of sorts, of our life with school, etc.

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