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Looking for Peace & Quiet

Do you know how to have a peaceful, relaxing day? Or maybe you’re like me and you wonder when the last time you saw one, or even worse, you can’t even think of what it looks like!

Don’t get me wrong–I hate being bored. It’s good to have stuff to do! But what about, when life feels so chaotic and you find yourself running in circles so fast you can’t think?! What then?

You sit down to have quiet time with God, and there are so many thoughts going through your brain….

Ever have one of those days?

I have!

I’d like to tell you about a book that I read recently. It was a great encouragement to me. I won’t say that I’ve reached my goal of peace and quiet, like I’m hoping to. But I have received some excellent advice from this book! Life is a journey, right?! 🙂


Bonnie Gray shares her heart in this book. As an adult, she was suffering from panic attacks, and it was only in going back to long-forgotten issues she experienced as a child that she was able to move on and find a deep heart rest.

It’s hard for me to put into words exactly why this book so deeply resonated with me. Maybe because there’s something deep within me, (and you?) that is searching and reaching out to fill a void, one that can only truly be filled with God’s Love. And only through discovering how to rest in God can we truly find that quietness & peace.

This book contains many soul-searching exercises and ideas to help you find your way to true spiritual rest, or whitespace, if you will.

How do you find rest in your soul?

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