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Book Review: Wings of the Wind

I’ve had the privilege of being on a launch team for the newest book in the Out of Egypt Series, by Connilyn Cossette. This book is “Wings of the Wind.” (I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, with the agreement that I post my honest review online. This is entirely my own opinion)

Here’s the short version of my review that I posted on goodreads & amazon:

Another entrancing book bringing to life the Israelites’ journey in the wilderness.
Meet Alanah, a Canaanite woman who becomes a warrior to save her life. She is dying on the battlefield and is rescued by Tobiah, an Israelite. To save her and abide by the Mosaic Law, he marries her.
Abandoned by her mother, she has never known real love. Now she is forced to live with her enemy. Through Tobiah, she comes to know that love can be real, and not only from her husband, but also from the living, true God of his people.
She comes to know mercy and grace.

In reading this book, I really felt as though I got to experience just a bit of what the Israelites’ life was like as they headed for Canaan. I got to experience manna firsthand.

This book is a delightful look at Biblical history!


A few more things that I’d like to add here….

This book challenged me in different ways.

Manna. Alanah, the main character, is a Canaanite, and has had no experience with manna. She grew up in a family of tillers of the soil. She knew what it was like to have to work the land with everything that was in you, just to get enough food to survive. Now she is in the middle of the Israelite camp where God has miraculously given them manna to eat. Every single day (except Sabbath) for 40 years!! The Israelites can only see the monotony of this manna, and many have come to loathe it. How they long to be able to have their own land, in the Promised Land, and work the soil, and raise whatever they long to eat! Manna, the wonderful, miracle food, straight from God, is no longer seen for what it truly is.

How am I like this?! What things in my everyday life do I not see as blessings, but take for granted? I pray that God would help me to truly see the many ways He has blessed me!


Mercy. And Grace. Alanah hated the Israelites. She did not want to live among them. The longer she stayed, the more she realized that their God and the grace He extended was what she really needed. She learned the true meaning of Grace. and Mercy. May I learn to know & recognize more of God’s grace and mercy in my own life!


If you like to learn about other times, I encourage you to read this book. It opened my eyes to see what it really might have been like to be a member of the Israelites back in those long wilderness years.

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