Summer Work Force

It has begun! Summer vacation. What we’ve been looking forward to for the past few months. That delightful time when school schedules disappear and we can spend time together working here at home.

I’ve got four girls, which means lots of help. The trick is in getting it managed properly to utilize that girlpower! (anyone else have frustrations dealing with this?)

I’m hoping to have the girls help more with gardening this year. I want them to learn how to be responsible for laundry, and maybe even take turns with making supper for us. And of course there’s the cleaning, decluttering, and more!

What are your tips/tricks to keep your home running smoothly all summer?

Do you make a list for each day’s tasks?

Do you assign certain jobs to certain people for the week (or the entire summer)?

Do you give ‘days off’?

Do you offer benefits (rewards/treats)?

How do you manage? I’d love to hear some tips for keeping up with all our household work this summer and still have time for relaxing!


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