Daughters and good books

Happy Monday to you!

I have to keep this brief, but I just stumbled across a blog that I think might be of interest to some of you. Those of you with daughters that love to read, I mean!

I haven’t had time yet to thoroughly check through this list, but here is a lady that has a blog and takes particular time to review books, and make recommendations as to which age group they would be best suited to:

I’ve struggled with this often. My girls love to read. I’d love to sit down and screen each book they bring home from the library. But I don’t have time. There are books that I know are ok, some that I’m mostly certain are, and then there’s others I just don’t know about.

I’m excited about seeing what this gal has to say about different books, and hoping that I can find some new books for my girls to read.

From quickly looking at her site, she has a section for each age group, and then you can click on a book title, and she gives a detailed list for that book, things that caught her attention as to whether it may or may not be appropriate for young (Christian) girls to read. It’s kind of like reading the ‘parental content’ section on IMDB to check out if a movie is appropriate for your kids or not….

Take a look, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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