Thought provoking book

I just finished another very thought provoking story. It’s called “The Whys Have It” by Amy Matayo.

There are so many things that happen in life that we don’t understand. We just want to ask God “WHY?”. This story has so many of those happenings. It’s my understanding that the author based the main storyline of this book on an actual happening.

It includes tragedy, loss of family, difficult relationships, and more.

Here’s my review that I posted on goodreads for this book:

This is an excellent book!
Realistic characters I couldn’t help but loving, lessons of life taught, and so much more!

Cory is a famous singer, by all appearances, he is on top of the world.

Sam has had much heartache in her life, and lost almost everyone she ever loved.
Then her only sister gets killed in an accident.
These two find each other. In addition to sparks flying, they are able to help each other to a place of peace and rest in their walk with God.
There’s so much here! It’s about walking through hard times and finding God even in the darkest of days. It’s about forgiveness–both extending it to others, and even yourself, which can be hardest of all.
One thing I especially liked about this book was the way the author had profound, thought-provoking quotes scattered throughout.

If you like Christian contemporary fiction, then this is a must read!

Here are just a few quotes from this book that I’d like to share:

“. . . because she knows the secret: that humans need contact to thrive, that a broken heart is only one crack away from a broken spirit, and that both can be mended by smoothing on thin layers of love.”

“Last words. They can kill you with their lack of meaning, slay you with the absence of thoughtfulness, shackle you to a career of writing lyrics for the rest of your life just to hopefully one day get them right. Last words cut. Last words haunt. Especially if they’re careless. Especially if you have no hope of ever having another chance to make them better.”

and I think this one is probably my favorite:

“You can ask why all day long if you want to. You can ask God why and your friends why and yourself why until you’re buried in nothing but that single question, but you’ll never get an answer. This side of heaven, time is the only thing that helps a little bit. So don’t give in. Don’t let the whys have it. Don’t let them take advantage of you. They’ll crush your heart and steal your peace and mess with your mind and wrap around you so tight you won’t be able to breathe. Don’t let the whys ruin your life, child. Every time they try to sneak up, push them aside and move forward. Trust me, it’s the only way you can get on with living.”

It’s such a good reminder to trust, trust God! Let go and let God be in control!!

I would like to add a disclaimer though. Especially since I have a teen daughter that also loves to read. 😉 In my opinion, this book does go into too much detail when it describes kissing between the two main characters. Because of that, I would not recommend this for audiences under the age of 18 (or whatever is deemed appropriate…)

The lessons on forgiveness and relationship did make it one that I enjoyed reading. (Because I am a fast–skim–reader, I tend to skip over parts that I don’t like)

What hard times have you gone through/are going through that you would like to have God answer Why? Rest assured, He is with you each step of the way, and He Cares!!

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