What is True/Truth?


What is truth?

Can we find truth today?

Does it still exist?

How can I know truth?


Is it enough to go by my own sense of what I think is right?


Jesus said, I AM The Way, The Truth, & The Life. No man comes to the Father but by me.


Can I really believe this?

How can I?

I see people that say they believe Him, and by their actions, they are going against what He says in His Word.

What they “feel” or “believe” is right does not match up with what Jesus has already said in the Bible.

Clearly, their own feelings are more truth than Jesus.

Which could lead us to the conclusion that Jesus is not really truth.

Does our upbringing, religion, or culture change truth?

Does the country we live in change truth?

Is there an absolute truth?

If the Bible is not true, then where do we turn for truth?


I have many thoughts scrambling through my head on this matter, and others related….

I’d love to hear thoughts from you.

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