Summertime reading

It’s the lazy days of summer….which means lots of time to read, right?! 🙂 I used to think so. I think I must have been a bit, no a lot spoiled in my growing up days. I’d spend a good portion of my day sitting around and reading books. I still love to read, but find those moments scattered here and there, in bits & pieces. I tend to get a big stack of books from the library, and then work on that stack for a few weeks or months. See, our library system is fairly awesome. Although we currently, mostly frequent our small town library, they are connected with the larger Metropolitan Library system that is spread throughout most of central Ohio. Which means we can go on our library’s website and search for a book title, and if any library has it, we can request it, and then pick it up locally. So…when I am needing books to read, I look for my favorite authors online, check out christianbook.com or other websites, and then see if I can find those books at the library. I tend to get carried away just a bit… 🙂 And then….sometimes they all come in, in about a week’s time. Which requires the use of a large bag to bring them all home.

And yeah, that’s just my books. The girls, well they actually do take time to sit around and read, after they have their daily work/chores finished. So they bring home stacks of books at a time, and then proceed to READ them all in a week (or maybe even less!). I think the librarians know us.

Here are just a few reviews on books I’ve read in the past few weeks/months

The Memory Weaver by Jane Kirkpatrick.

This is a historical fiction novel based on the true story of Elisa Spaulding, whose family were missionaries to the Nez Pearce Indians. I’d heard of Marcus & Narcissa Whitman, who were martyred by the Indians, but didn’t remember hearing about this family, who were their contemporaries and fellow missionaries. Eliza was the daughter of Henry Spaulding. She experienced much trauma at the hands of the Indians through being held hostage. This book gives many interesting details about her life, and also tells about how her parents were missionaries, how they were led to this calling, and more.
Very well written, I enjoyed it greatly!


The Noble Servant by Melanie Dickerson

Here’s my review as I posted on Amazon:

Another fabulous ‘fairy tale’ novel by Melanie Dickerson!
This is a sweet story, the retelling of the goose girl fairy tale.
In spite of the fact that this is a teen book, I enjoyed it!

The details, the setting, the characters, I liked it all!
If you enjoy fairy tales, then give it a try!

I’ve read numerous others of her fairy tale books. This is not my preferred reading genre/style, but I did enjoy them, nonetheless. Ideally, I’d love to read any/all the books that my daughters are reading, but yeah….that’s impossible. These books are specifically written for teens, and are geared in that way. Previously, my oldest daughter (14) read some of her books, but I actually gave this one to my 11 year old to read after I had it finished. She’s my daughter that most is in to fairy-tale-type stories right now. (princess, or whatever you want to call it…) She thoroughly enjoyed the book. Before she started reading, I warned her that there was some romance included. I think it’s safe to assume that it wasn’t too much as to bother her.


True to You by Becky Wade

From Amazon: This is a delightful book, a FUN read! I started reading, and could not lay it down–kept on reading until the very end!
Delightful characters. Realistic plot, humor, a bit of mystery, and of course the romance.
I thought I had the story all figured out, but there was an interesting and unexpected twist at the end.

When I am looking for a light Christian fiction romance, I will definitely be turning to more from Becky Wade!

Yes, I do recommend it, it is “light reading” as I noted above. It’s the kind of book that I’d turn to when I don’t want to read anything that requires much deep thinking.


and one more

Weaver’s Needle by Robin Caroll

I found a new author in my favorite genre!
This book kept me turning pages and sitting on my seat until the very last page, I loved it!
It has all the elements I love in Christian fiction–suspense, mystery, and a little romance.
An ancient treasure map, Indian folklore, and more.
Landry is a former Army MP and is now a Recovery Specialist. Nickolai is a former police officer turned detective. They are put into competition against each other as they race to find a missing map that they hope will lead them to a long lost gold mine.
As it becomes obvious that someone is trying to scare them off their case, they turn to each other for help in solving this puzzle.

If you enjoy Christian suspense, then you won’t regret reading this one!

This is probably the book I enjoyed the most from all these I’m sharing today. Mystery/suspense is still my favorite. Christian mysteries are even better, the story line is well written without having all the gory details that are sometimes included in mainstream/secular mysteries.

One thing that I’m also doing, that is new for me, is a reading challenge. I found this one online: http://writingtoinspire.blogspot.com/2017/06/autumn-2017-reading-challenge.html, and thought it sounded very interesting. Thankfully it goes through the end of this calendar year, so it gives me some time to read my quota.

You may wonder when I find time to do all this reading….like I said, it’s only in bits and pieces, in this time of my life. And summertime is not necessarily the easiest time to find those moments. I like to read a chapter or two in the evening, as a way to wind down before going to bed. Sometimes over lunch, if I happen to be sitting at the table after the girls have eaten, then I can read a chapter. And Sunday afternoons/evenings at home…that gives time to relax with a book too….although lately those have been a bit scarce. 🙂

We’ve had plenty of eventful happenings going on around here recently, with our extended families, and more. Some joyous, some painful. It’s hard to know just what to say. Sometimes I find it easier to take time to focus on the lighter things in life, like reading and doing book reviews, as a way to regroup and cope with the heavy things in life!

Happy summer!


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