Well…umm…this is new to me. (Hosting a giveaway) So bear with me as I try to learn how this all works! 🙂

You might be wondering what I am giving away. It is this book, My Daughter’s Legacy by Mindy Starns Clark!

Yes, I’ve managed to end up with two copies of it!! (And no, I didn’t buy either one, they were given to me)

First, I applied for and was excited to be given entry into a book club to promote the launch of this book.

Then, I was notified by Goodreads (as so often is the case) that there is another giveaway for a book on my shelf. (Or maybe this came first, I really don’t remember)

Anyway, I almost never win giveaways. It used to be I could say with certainty, that I never do, but I guess, if you enter often enough, you’re bound to win on occasion.

So, shortly after I finished reading my book club copy of this book, I received an email from Goodreads notifying me that I was the winner of this book! 🙂

And now I’d love to pass on my newest copy to some other lucky reader.

This is the paperback version, and if you looked it up on Amazon, you will see that their current price is $12.74.

I’ve read this book and loved it. Mindy Starns Clark is one of my all time favorite Christian mystery authors. This is the third book in the series, and I highly recommend reading the other two before reading this one. (If you live locally, I don’t mind loaning you my copies, or if you don’t you could also check your local library)

You can read my reviews on this on goodreads and on Amazon.

Finally. The Giveaway!

To enter this giveway, you must comment HERE on this post (not on facebook).

Tell me about your favorite author or book.

Due to the high cost of postage these days, this giveaway is limited to United States residents only

We’ll do a drawing either by throwing all the names in a bowl, and actually drawing one, or use a random number generator…whatever appears to work best at the time. 🙂

I’ll leave this giveaway open until the end of July. (and hope that I get enough comments to actually warrant a giveaway! 😉 )


9 thoughts on “Giveaway!!”

  1. Francine Rivers is one of my favorite authors. Very compelling , easy to get lost in the stories.

  2. I haven’t done much reading the last few years. But I read “To Kill A Mockingbird” (Harper Lee) for the first time about two years ago, and was so captivated that I bought “Go Set A Watchman” and read it, as well. Now I know why TKAM is a classic.
    I also love any of Francine Rivers’ books.

  3. Hmm…I enjoy lots of different authors. Some of my favorites are Sharon Penman, Dee Henderson…since I’m not home, I can’t remember them very well. I am always on the lookout for good Christian fiction. So this sounds right down my alley!

  4. Mindy Starns Clark is one my favorites- not too much mush, accurate details, exciting stories! I wasn’t aware that she had a new series. Glad to know!

  5. I like so many authors, I sure don’t know who my favorite is. I always make sure to keep up on Dee Henderson, but there are many others I enjoy. I haven’t read this new series from Mindy Stearns Clark, but it sounds interesting!

  6. I am on the lookout for new authors. I enjoyed Lori Wicks books. I like recommendations from someone i know, because i read some books that weren’t very good.

  7. How amazing that you will share such a wonderful bounty as TWO books by a great author! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of My Daughter’s Legacy. I agree with you that she is an awesome author.

  8. I have a few favorite authors…Francine Rivers, Ted Dekker, and Mitch Albom (I’ve only read one or two of his books; would love to read more of them!). I feel a little out of the loop since I hardly ever read anymore-hard to read when you have little ones.😊

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