On Purses…

Let’s talk about purses.

I’m kind of looking for one. You see, I think I’m probably unique in that I don’t like to shop for that perfect purse. (I’d rather find one that I really like and stick with it until it is worn out!)

I know I bought myself at least one new purse in the past 10 years…and I also received a few as gifts.

I’ve bought some at thrift stores.

Sadly, the purse that I bought new lasted for a shorter time than some of the used ones I’ve purchased.

For a number of years, I was stuck with a diaper bag. It had to be big enough to hold everything I might possibly need for the next how many hours. I was glad to be able to graduate to a purse again. And then I discovered that I really didn’t know what I really want.

Not too big, because then it feels like a diaper bag.

Not too small, because, well, I am still a mom, and I need to be able to cart along all kinds of paraphernalia.

I need to be able to keep it relatively organized, or else I will find myself wasting too much time looking for what I really need. Like my keys, that are always at the bottom.

I’d like to have something that coordinates well with various colors or outfits, because I really don’t like to be changing purses all the time.

Which brings me to a final point. I need something that will LAST!

I’ve also discovered that I kind of like having a long enough strap to wear it cross-body style. That way, when I’m shopping alone, it stays in place, and isn’t always falling off my shoulder.

Please tell me where to find the perfect purse! 🙂 What should I get? Tips, pros, or cons?

Tell me about yours!

I must add, though, I keep salivating over this website. I have a feeling that this might be where I’ll get my next good purse…if I could ever decide WHICH one to get. 🙂


1 thought on “On Purses…”

  1. Oh yes the purse problem! I’m not a mom, but I generally carry enough in my purse that my brother called it the dumpster, and my friend called it the suitcase. 😂 one of the things I prefer is at least two pockets on the outside, one for my phone and one for my keys. Annnddd, I still lose them because I forget or don’t take the time to put them in there . 🙈 I don’t have good tips about where though…. sometimes I look and look and look before I find one that meets my picky preferences, but last time I wasn’t even on the search but found one that matched my standards so well I brought it home. #winning best wishes!

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