Book reviews

Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan

I love legal suspense. (John Grisham, and more–I just can’t think of the names right now) I’d heard from various people that they loved this book, and I was thrilled to find out that I’d been chosen to receive a copy to do a blogger review.

If you are looking for top-notch legal suspense, look no further!
This is the first book in a new series, from a new author, and I’m hooked!
Riveting, page-turning suspense, the whole way through!

I really enjoyed the suspense, the mystery, and the story line.

Kate is a lawyer, on the fast track to the top. She gets the chance of a lifetime when she’s handed the opportunity to be lead counsel in a case against a huge client—a pharmaceutical company. She’s determined to win this the right way, and not go against her personal convictions. What makes it so hard is that her friend Ethan is lead counsel for the opposing side.

I found this book a bit unusual in that some of the chapters are written from the opposing counsel’s viewpoint. I felt like I knew what they had up their sleeve, even if the side I was rooting for didn’t.

Something I really enjoyed about this book is that despite having plenty of legal jargon to make it feel like a legal thriller, the author had the characters take the time to thoroughly explain what those legal terms meant, so that a person (like me) unfamiliar with that terminology was not completely left in the dark.

The romantic aspect was one part of this story that didn’t quite resonate with me. It felt a little stilted or unrealistic. There weren’t quite enough details there to really make it flow.

The ending of the story was more than satisfactory, I did not see it coming! I like to try and get it all figured out on my own before I get there, and this story gives the feeling that you might actually be able to do that. But the ending was not what I expected!

Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson

I’ve long been a fan of Dee Henderson. I’ve read each of her books as they came out. Those O’Malley books-I think I have most (if not all) of them back on my bookshelf. But somehow, this series slipped by my radar. I just recently discovered I hadn’t read this one, or the one following. I found them at the library and brought them along home. But I’ve had such a large TBR stack, and not nearly enough time to read, so those two books (which I knew I’d enjoy immensely) kept getting pushed back. (Anyone else do that—read books that you think might not be quite as good, and save the better ones for last?!)

I finally had to break down and read it! It does not disappoint!

Here’s my brief review:

Another captivating, compelling novel from one of my all-time-favorite authors!

I started reading this one in the evening, which was a big mistake–I didn’t want to stop!

When I finally told myself to lay it down and get some sleep…my brain was so engaged that

I found myself continuing to try to solve the mysteries on my own instead of sleeping.

I was finally able to talk myself into letting it go enough to get some sleep but the next day, the first chance I got, I sat down and finished it.

Ann Falcon (from Full Disclosure) makes an appearance throughout the story, but Evie Blackwell is the main character. A detective assigned with solving cold cases, she has to go back through about 10 years of history to solve some hard and long-unsolved cases.

Dee Henderson has a way of writing that draws me right in to the action, I was right there with Evie trying desperately to get some answers. Reaching the end of the book is like leaving behind friends.

I like the way the author ties in Biblical truths without making it feel preachy.

Twists, turns, unexpected results, and the pleasure of the journey make this an unforgettable read. If you like suspense, be sure and read this one!!

On a completely different note, here’s a nonfiction book that I’ve been working through

Beside Bethesda written by Joni Eareckson Tada, this book is like taking a refreshing drink of cold water!

Her name immediately tells me this is going to be good. After all, Joni has spent a lifetime (all of 50+ years) as a quadriplegic. She knows what it means to be dependent on God. On top of everything else, she also was diagnosed with cancer.

This book tells, in a 31-day devotional format, how to lean on Jesus and trust Him through those hard times that are bound to come.

Here’s one example of a truth that really hit me:

“I think God entrusts me with hardships because He knows very well that I can’t be trusted. I fully accept the fact that I am the least likely candidate to handle afflictions well.” This is her response to that saying God doesn’t give us more that we can handle. No, rather He gives us what makes us run to Him, knowing that without Him, we can NOT handle it! He wants us to be completely dependent on Him. This truth should be easy for us to grasp as Christians. But it’s not. Or maybe that’s just me. Way too often I find myself desperately trying to muddle through things on my own. When all I really need to do is let go and let God handle it—He already has a plan, He already knows the outcome! Wow!

Read this and be blessed!

#tackleTBR (I signed up to participate in a tackle-your-TBR-pile Readathon, and am just now finally getting around to posting about some of the books I actually read in this time frame)

Leave me a comment and tell me about one book you’ve read recently, (or are currently reading) and how it is challenging you or benefiting your life.

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