More thoughts on “Cherish”

Just over a month ago, I shared from this book that I’ve been mulling my way through, “Cherish: The One Word that Changes Everything For Your Marriage” by Gary Thomas

I’ve had to force my way through and finish this because the copy I’m currently reading belongs to our local library, and I’ve (ahem) had it longer than what they prefer. 😉 I really want (NEED!) to get my own copy, just to keep and re-read, because this book has been so profound for me.

I’m not trying to share this as a ‘fix-all’ or ‘do-this-and-your-marriage-will-be-perfect’ book. What I am wanting to do is just share a bit of how it spoke to me and challenged me in ways that I need to grow in, to do my part to better my own marriage.

Cherishing. It’s not really what comes natural. Or maybe that’s just me. Way too often I find myself being selfish. I want him to cherish me, but am I cherishing him? Am I doing things that are having the opposite effect? How can I learn to better cherish my husband?!

These are just a few questions I’m asking myself.

And I’d like to share just a few quotes that jumped at me:

“Cherish is a chosen mental attitude; once set in motion, it can eventually become our default mode of action, but there are things we can do to set that up.”

“We need to accept the fact that our spouses will stumble and stop resenting that they happen to stumble in any particular way.”

“The goal of a cherishing marriage is to know the dark corners and the weak links of each other’s personalities, yet still cherish, respect, adore, and move toward each other.”

“Responding with gentleness to common marital moments—like a spouse misplacing keys—can be the seedbed of a cherishing marriage.”

“If we want to be cherished, one of the most effective ways is to humbly admit we need to grow in areas that make it easier for our spouses to cherish us.”

There would be so many, many more I could share.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to the Golden Rule, “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” Luke 6:31

I can’t expect this to just happen. But with God’s help, I can do my part to create a cherishing marriage.

And here’s my review as I posted on goodreads:

I find it difficult to find the words to describe this book in a short review!

It is an excellent book with exceptional teaching, many helpful tips and advice on having a better marriage.

It’s about the act of cherishing your spouse; learning to appreciate him or her for who they have been created to be; helping them become the best they can be.

It’s about building them up, encouraging, and of course, cherishing.

Another crucial part of being in a cherishing marriage is being a person that is easy to be cherished. And allowing your spouse to cherish you.

This is one of those books that needs to be re-read, just to better comprehend everything that is shared in its pages.

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