Cat Tales

We have had a lot of cat drama going on here at our place lately…

I guess I could say, since my girls are older and more grown up, they don’t provide the entertainment like they used to, so now I can depend on the cats for it! 🙂

I could tell you many cat stories, and might share a few of the interesting ones another time…this morning I just have to tell about our latest one, that has had a sad ending.

Almost two weeks ago, M went out to feed the cats and came back in to tell us excitedly that there was a little black kitten out there.

We have two mother cats here, the first litter had just all left for their new homes, and we still didn’t know where the other cat’s litter was hidden. (Our two mother cats don’t really appreciate each other, so they like to have their kittens elsewhere, but that’s a whole other story…)

Rio, the black cat, is the mom of the kittens we hadn’t seen. So, upon seeing the little black kitty, we put two & two together and assumed that she had for reasons unknown to us, decided to bring this one little one home.

But the poor kitty…he just lay there. All curled up in a bundle of black fur. Rio ignored him. He’d meow, and crawl around a bit, and she would walk away. I told the girls, “he’s too little, if she doesn’t take care of him, I don’t think we can do anything for him.”

The next day I went out and he was meowing, and one of the other cats was batting him around. That did it. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I went and checked my freezer, and sure enough, we still had a bit of leftover kitten formula from an earlier time when we had to feed kittens…so…I found a box and brought him in. Yes, you heard right–in! In my kitchen, no less. He was so tiny, we think about 2 weeks old, but a little on the small size for that age, only one eye was open. And I tried to give him the bottle. He did pretty good with it, almost right away. He wouldn’t drink a lot, but enough. Our youngest daughter K also took turns, and fed him and cared for him, whenever she could, when she was home from school. Of course there are many reasons why little kittens need their mommies to take care of them. Humans cannot do a proper job of cleaning them (or maybe that’s just me! :/)






We had plans to go camping over the weekend, so we had no choice but to take little kitty along. (K wanted to call him Tokyo, another wanted to call him Bobo, I just kept calling him little kitty.) The girls helped out with his feeding over the weekend, I mixed bottles, we took turns feeding, he got held some, he’d meow when put back in our pet taxi, he slept, he seemed to be doing ok.


Then we came home. He’d made enough messes on himself that I had to put my foot down and say, not back in the house! So out to the lean-to (our cat haven) he went.

But the nights were cold. And the other cats ignored him.

And I, myself, was the sole, one-and-only kitten-bottle-feeding person left in the house.

His eating began slowing down…

Yesterday morning, he was too weak to drink hardly anything.

I told K sadly that I just didn’t think he was going to be able to make it through the day. She had many tears, and I cried with her.

What was heartbreaking was the fact that he’d keep waddling around and doing his pitiful little meow.

This morning when we out to check on him, he was completely still.

More tears.

We laid him in his final resting place this afternoon.

Sometimes I just wish we could get rid of all our cats and FORGET about having pets. It hurts the girls (and yes, me too, more than I’d like to admit) too much when something happens to one of them.

I think God gave us little creatures to remind us of many things, not the least is how BIG His love is!! He very much loves ME! And YOU! All of us!!

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