Halloween-yes or no?!

Do you celebrate Halloween?

In our home, we’ve been having discussions about this topic numerous times over the past several weeks. We’ve never ‘celebrated’ it as such. But the older I get, the more I see wisdom in just staying away from it.

I was out and about today, getting groceries, shopping, etc., and was asked a few different times if I’m doing anything for Halloween. I usually err on the side of shyness, and not wanting to force my beliefs on anyone. I didn’t take the time to tell anyone I talked to about my beliefs. Which is one reason I felt prompted to share here.

As a child, I was taught very little about Halloween. I remember making a costume that I wore to a party when I was in kindergarten (attending public school). Because we lived in town, I remember trick-or-treaters coming to our front door. Some years, we’d have candy on hand to pass out to them, other years we’d keep that front light off. I do remember that one time I was so horribly frightened by a person with a grotesque mask that I ran crying to another room.

Now, I think there is a lot more teaching available, and because of the internet, it is a lot easier to do research on topics. Doing any studying at all on the subject of Halloween helped me to quickly realize that this is NOT something I want to be involved in, or have our kids involved in, at all.


Yes, I think it can be done in an innocent manner, strictly for fun. I mean, really…is there a harm in dressing up in a fun costume?! But WHY do it on Halloween?

I was directed to this article through a link shared on facebook. If you have a minute, take the time to read it–I think there are a lot of good points shared here. I’m not sharing this to start a debate, I realize there are many varied opinions on this subject, and we’re all in different places in life. If you have questions, I think a good answer is  “to search the Scriptures” or discuss it with someone you trust. May God bless you as you live for Him today!



1 thought on “Halloween-yes or no?!”

  1. No, and I actually don’t celebrate any holidays because they all have pagan roots. You shouldn’t try to Christianize a holiday to gain converts.

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