Merry Christmas!

Good morning! We are on that countdown…less than a week away from Christmas Day.

What does Christmas mean to you? How do you celebrate it? Do you have any favorite traditions or foods?

Growing up, Christmas Day was always a day best spent when we were with our cousins, grandparents, aunts & uncles. We’d have a loud, fun filled day, bursting with lots of good food. We’d have exchanged names already a month or so prior, (this also meant that for that time period, whenever you’d go to Dody & Momy’s house, you’d have to scrutinize the “Wish List” where everyone was supposed to write down things that they wanted for Christmas…oh the fun of that list!!)  and everyone would get a gift from someone. To this day, I can still remember certain Christmases because of what my gift was that year, or who gave it to me… 🙂

I know some people don’t celebrate Christmas because of how it originated. I respect that.

Personally, I enjoy Christmas and especially am thankful for the huge sacrifice Jesus made when He came to earth. He came as a baby. He gave up all He had. All the “comforts of home”, if you will. He did it because He loves us so much. Because He loves me, yes even me, that much. I enjoy sharing gifts with others as a small way to pass on His love. We don’t believe in gifting extravagantly. I like to give each family member at least a (small) gift. It makes me sad when I see how many people in our country work all year just to buy Christmas gifts for their children. I don’t think that is what God wants.

May you have a Blessed Christmas!

I leave you with some shots from our photo taking session….

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