(some of) My favorite books from 2017

I keep seeing posts saying things like “My top 10 from 2017”. I love reading these, because I love seeing what books other people really liked. I’ve wanted to do a similar post, but how and where do you start? I read so many good books in the past year. I think I read more books i(some of) My favorite books from 2017n 2017 than I’d read in a year, anytime prior. Or maybe it just feels that way! 🙂 I feel like it’s an overwhelming task to narrow it down and say these were my top 10 books this past year. So I think what I’ll do is just go through and list some books that I read in 2017 that I really liked.

I tried to keep track on Goodreads this year, each time I finished a book, I would enter the info, the dates read, a review, etc. So now goodreads is telling me that I read 125 books in 2017! I shared the link earlier, but here it is again: https://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/7305734 . This is probably not a complete list, but it is most of the ones I read. Some I read because I’d agreed to review them. Others I read because they came highly recommended by other people.

Out of these listed, here are a few books that I really enjoyed, for various reasons.

I started with putting links for these books, but I quickly saw that there are just way too many!! Go to my goodreads list, and each one of these is on that, you can look at the rest of them this way, if you care to!

Here they are, not necessarily in any order…

Mystery/suspense. These I consider top-notch.

Twilight at Blueberry Barrens by Colleen Coble I loved the storyline in this one!

The Inn at Ocean’s Edge by Colleen Coble

A Cry from the Dust and The Bones Will Speak by Carrie Stuart Parks These were my first experience with this author, and my introduction to Gwen Marcey—and I am hooked!

Heather Gilbert and her “A Murder in the Mountains” series (and do I put them under suspense or contemporary?!, they really are both) – Miranda Warning, Trial by Twelve, and Guilt By Association. I was gifted the audio version of Trial by Twelve, so jumped right into the middle of this series. I really think that one was my favorite of them all.

Distorted by Christy Barritt

Crown of Souls by Ronie Kendig

Beyond Justice by Cara Putman

And then there’s the whole thing of my ‘favorite’ suspense authors – Dee Henderson (Threads of Suspicion, Traces of Guilt), Lynette Eason (Elite Guardian series), Dani Pettrey (Chesapeake Valor series)—I read everything new of theirs this past year, and they were all terrific!


Contemporary. These were written so well. Excellent characters. Realistic. Pertinent subjects.

Christmas Embers by Chautona Havig

Home by Ginny Yttrup

Arms of Promise by Crystal Walton

Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh


Charles Martin – When Crickets Cry an extremely touching story

Jaded by Varina Denman – another heart-tugger!


Sometimes I feel like the whole historical Christian romance is overdone. Or so many feel like they are too same to the others. (edited to add: I feel like I kinda made it sound like that is how I feel across the board…when that’s not really what I meant. It’s a bit hard to put into words…It’s probably because I’ve read too many pioneerish, 1800s style of historical romances that those feel too much the same to me. But there are so many other eras to be read about, and I do enjoy  learning about history through reading fiction!) Anyhow…here are some that didn’t have that feel. I loved each one of these!

The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof I think books about circus performers are few and far between. I really liked the characters in this book!

Counted With the Stars by Connilyn Cossette This is actually Biblical fiction. Sometimes I don’t really care for Biblical fiction, because there’s not enough fiction added in to keep my attention. This series by Connilyn is definitely an exception! They’re very intriguing! (also in this series – Wings of the Wind, Shadow of the Storm)

The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron  and A Sparrow in Terezin

These are two absolutely heart-wrenching WWII books! I learned new information and was transported right into the middle of that terrible time and place in history!

I also read two others by this same author, The Illusionist’s Apprentice and The Ringmaster’s Wife, and they are also really, really good!

Healing Ruby by Jennifer Hays Westall set in the era of the Depression, the extreme racism in the southern USA

The Piano Girl and the Viola Girl by Sherri Schoenborn Murray. These are not my usual genre, at all. But I loved them! Fairy tale style, written more for girls, I think, but they are so detailed, and full of twists and turns.


I could go on and on here, but you get the picture!


1 thought on “(some of) My favorite books from 2017”

  1. I may regret saying this, but there are so many fabulous historical romance authors that I will never catch up, and, I do sometimes feel the same way as you–that there isn’t enough variety. Publishers want to sell what people have been buying, so they don’t always move beyond the tried and true. This is the great benefit of small publishers! I really enjoyed You’re The Cream in my Coffee from Jennifer Lamont Leo. It just really felt fresh to me!

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