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Monday Musings…

It’s Monday.

What are you up to, today?! (Is that even a proper sentence?) (And did you notice I put only a question mark behind that second question, as opposed to both a question mark and an exclamation point behind the first one. I was asked by my daughter if I intentionally put both behind my questions. 🙂 Why yes, I do…just to add intensity, or something, I suppose…although, how am I to know for sure… 🙂 ) I also like mixing smiley faces in with my sentences…just to add expression, I guess, because, how else will you know the mood with which I am attempting to write, unless I use them…

Last week (or sometime recently) I mentioned about doing an online Bible Study. I did have a few interested responses, but not a whole lot. So I’m not sure what direction I should take. My indecisiveness abounds, I guess you might say… I heard about an online facebook group to study the book of Ephesians. I signed up to join that, but I think those signups closed a week or two ago. It’s using this book:

Mostly, it’s for digging in to the Word, writing it out, meditating, etc. It’s written in a way to get through the book in one month.

So, I think, unless I get more responses for people wanting to join an online Bible study with me, I’ll just go with this, and post some thoughts each week, as I go through. This week, the study is based on Ephesians 1, the first 14 verses. I kinda like the idea of only doing a few verses each day, I am hoping to be able to dig more in-depth this way. If you’d like to join in with your thoughts, that would be great!

Also, just a reminder, my giveaway for a paperback copy of “A Song Unheard by Roseanna White will only be going today & tomorrow. To be entered, all you need to do is comment on that post (scroll down). Currently there are very few entries, so your chances of winning are rather high! 🙂

Today, I am doing laundry, and working on some paperwork, desk stuff, to get our information to our accountant for taxtime. (I’m always relieved when this task is behind me!)

Happy Monday!

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