Book Giveaway Winner

Good morning!

Just a brief post to say that the giveaway that I had going, for a paperback copy of A Song Unheard has ended, and we have a winner!! 🙂SongUnheard-194x300

This morning I used random.org to generate a winning number. I must admit, I was quite curious to see the results. (I’ve often wondered, just how does a number generator like this really work, I mean, they have an explanation, but it’s too complicated for me… 😉 )  I had two entrants. And I was very curious to see which number would be picked. I wanted to keep it above board and all, especially because one of the commenters is my cousin. And so it just happens that her number was chosen! I am delighted to be able to send a copy of this book to you, Marsha! Thanks for being a faithful reader of my blog. 🙂  (I’ll get that in the mail to you this week sometime.

Have a great Wednesday!

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