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Thursday Ramblings

It’s so beautiful outside. We had a snow day yesterday. No school, so my house was full of energy! 🙂 I loved having the girls home, and we spent a good share of the day enjoying that time we had–played a board game, watched a movie together, ate chocolate, and just had a nice day.

I am enjoying the peace and quiet here today.

We’ve had so many chilly days, which means lots of coffee drinking. So today I decided to switch it up and had some tea instead.

I don’t usually do promotions for this kind of item, but I had to share them–I just found these really cute tea infusers on Amazon, and so far we are very pleased IMG_1234with the results! (I have a feeling, with four daughters in the house, these things will see lots of use!!)

You get it as a set of four, and each one is a different color. They include a little matching base to set it on when you take it out of your cup.

I envision using them for all kinds of things-lots of “normal” teas, of course, but then also fresh garden tea in the summer, coffee (who know if they would work for that?!…), and I’d like to try them when I’m canning, making a recipe where you just add spices to simmer, and then take them out again.

I also am enjoying this tea from Trader Joe’s. (I’ll admit I bought it mostly because I thought the tin was cute) Instead of being in the usual bags, they come in little sachets that are almost too cute to throw away. The flavor is also spot on–there are real pieces of apples, blueberries, raspberries, and more in each sachet, which makes for a lovely cup o’tea.


I was also informed (a few days ago, actually, but then need to be reminded again this morning) that we are out of granola. Homemade granola has been a staple in our home for a long time. Say at least 10 years, maybe longer. We’ve gone through times when it goes down really quickly, and then there will come a time when it hardly gets eaten for a few months. I really love this granola, but have had to discipline myself to not eat it. The first picture is before it’s baked, the next one shows the final result. I add chocolate chips and peanut butter chips immediately after taking it out of the oven, and I really like that addition!


Why don’t I eat this granola? 😉 Someday, maybe, it will become another topic for a blog post about, I might share about our family’s journey of eating healthy. (We aren’t all at the same place in this journey, as evidenced by this granola 😉 )…I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) way of eating for a little over a year, and so, if I want granola, I have to make myself a different recipe.


What are you doing today? This week? Do you have any favorite granola recipes? (I’m always looking for new ones to try on my family! 🙂 )

Have a wonderful day!


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