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Book Reviews…

Today I have two books that I’d like to tell you about.

These both fall under the category of Biblical fiction. What is Biblical fiction, exactly? Sounds like an oxymoron, right?! Well, to me, it is when an author takes verses, or chapters, from the Bible, and weaves a lovely story around them. They add their own touches, details, characters, whatever it takes, to make the Bible really come alive! I have learned so much and been so inspired and challenged by some Biblical fiction books that I have had the opportunity to read, and that includes these, that I just read this past week.

Isaiah’s Daughter by Mesu Andrewsisaiah's daughter

It’s not hard to guess what time period this story is about! And even though I think the main character, Isaiah’s adopted daughter, might be fictional, (or somehow Biblical details are combined to create this character, along with speculation from the author), I loved this character! The author wrote her so beautifully, I felt like I really got to know her by the end of the story, which I didn’t want to be the ending.

She grows up as a friend to young Hezekiah, who later becomes the king of Judah. Their relationship is very intriguing and is what most of this story is about.

Throughout the book, including at the beginning of each chapter, Bible verses from the book of Isaiah are included, to show where this all takes place in the Bible. I am in awe at the raw talent it took to create this book. How someone can take those basic, fact-stating verses, and weave them together into such a fascinating tale, this is a book worth reading!


A Light on the Hill by Connilyn CossetteALOTH

I’ve been a fan of this author ever since I discovered her books. I think this is her fourth book, the first one in a new series. A series that branches off that first series she wrote. All her books are Biblical fiction, and all of them are the kind that put you right there!

After the Israelites had taken Jericho, the tribes began settling their lands, and the cities of refuge were designated, (places where innocent people who were being accused of terrible things) could go. The Bible doesn’t give us much details about these cities, and I must admit I’ve never given a whole lot of thought to them.

Here is a story about a young girl, Moriyah, who is making a desperate attempt to reach a city of refuge. She’s had rather a difficult life, (if you’ve read any other books by this author, you might remember her) one event in particular has scarred her for life, and she’s afraid to let anyone in or get close to her. Then her father tells her he has arranged a betrothal for her. Well, I better stop there, but the rest of the story is very intriguing and quite unexpected!


Now that I’ve finished those two, you may wonder what I’m reading now. Here it is:

35069159A Refuge Assured by Jocelyn Green

I’ve read the first several chapters, and I am hooked! The story begins in Paris during the French Revolution. The main character is Vivienne, a lacemaker. Well, she’s a lacemaker when the story begins. But, that is only until the royalty are overthrown, and any aristocrat, or royalty supporter, is in danger of the guillotine. And yes, the aristocracy does include the lacemakers.

I was so privileged to win a giveaway hosted by the author of this book, Jocelyn Green. (I’d like to add here that I actually had the privilege of meeting her last summer, which makes this even more special! 🙂 ) She sent me this lovely bag of loose-leaf tea, from her local tea shop. This tea smells amAzing!! I have it brewing right now, and can’t wait to try it! The book…well…yes, I hope to continue reading it today, but it will have to keep for a bit, because there are projects calling my name here around the house today! 😉

I’ll post a full review once I finish the book… 😉




Happy Friday!!


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