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Book Review – A Refuge Assured

An absolutely beautiful book that I was privileged to be on the launch team and receive and advance copy. I finally finished reading mine today, and here’s my review. If you haven’t read anything by this author, let me tell you–her other historical fiction books are in this category–absolutely excellent (I haven’t read them all yet, but hope to remedy that this year! 🙂 ). Detailed, true-to-life, realistic, and just all around good Christian, historical fiction. 35069159
Wow! What a story!
I finally finished this book, and it was incredible!
It’s a book that the reading of it is bittersweet- I really wanted to finish it, because it is so good, and yet, I didn’t want to finish, because that meant I’d reached the end of the story!
It is so chock-full of historical details and facts, I find myself fumbling around to find the best words to describe it properly.
This is one of those books that you can’t read too quickly, because there’s just so much here! The author, Jocelyn Green, is so talented when it comes to researching and then describing historical scenes.
As I was reading, I felt as though I was right there, experiencing the happenings along with the main characters. The food, the smells, the sights, the places, all are described in perfect detail, allowing you to experience those days for yourself! The story takes you from France to Philadelphia and on further.
There is even a bit of mystery involved, I wasn’t quite sure just what was going on until the last chapter.
In reading this book, I learned about the terrible French Revolution. The new world. The results and after effects of that revolution, our own American Revolution, and more, and how it must have been a very unsettling time and place to be living in.

The main character, Vivienne, is a lovely heroine. Her determination, her love for young Henri, her efforts to move on with her life, make the most of her past to better her future.One quote in particular that I really liked: “God is the Creator, is He not?” she had said with a smile. “So when we create, even if it is a mere length of lace, and not the stars in the heavens, we honor Him. We bear His likeness when we work.”

Realizing what people in the past, people that have only been known to me “in the history books”, really understanding more deeply things that happened that helped in forming our country into the place it is now, this is only one of the reasons I really like reading historical fiction. And I consider this book to be riveting, historical Christian fiction at it’s finest. It caught and held my attention to the very end!

I received an early copy of this book, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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