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Book Review- The Masterpiece


This was a book that I couldn’t wait to read! I’m a subscriber to Francine Rivers’ newsletter, and they kept sending teasers. First it was giving the dates it would be available. Then it was the first chapter, and then, finally they included a link to read the first FOUR chapters! I was hooked! I requested this book from our local library as soon as it was available, and was delighted when it was finally my turn to have it!

I’ve been a fan of Francine Rivers’ books for quite some time already, and this one did not disappoint!

There is so much truth found here. So many life lessons.

Redemption. Hope. Looking to God.

The characters. They were outstanding. No, not perfect, but in allowing God to work through their flawed personalities, and in their growth of character.

Broken people, broken pieces, God takes the brokenness and makes a masterpiece.
This is the story of a young Christian named Grace, the talented, playboy artist she is employed by, Roman, and their journeys.
Their backstories are woven in and their pasts are revealed smoothly, making a story that flows along in an intriguing manner.
Reconciling who God is and why He allows suffering and bad things to happen, is only some of the things they grapple with in their journey to discovering God’s plan for their lives.

This is not what I’d consider an easy read. The author doesn’t attempt to paint a pretty picture of sin. But it’s real. And there is always hope, in God!

Available on Amazon here.

Are you a fan of Francine Rivers? Which book of hers did you like best?

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