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About Billy Graham

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about this “famous American preacher” in our house the past few days.

This man who preached in 185 different countries, and is believed to have reached over 215 million people for God, in his lifetime. He would have turned 100 years old this year.

A few links:

(I have no idea how long this memorial service streaming will be available for replay, but it was still on today, Saturday. Also, there is a documentary planned on the life of Billy Graham, to be aired on tv tomorrow, Sunday, sometime. I am hoping that will be available to listen to online, if not tomorrow, then sometime in the future…)

I wish I could say that I actually listened to him personally. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

In listening to his memorial service, I was both blessed and challenged.

Since I didn’t know him personally, all I have to go on is what I’ve heard and read from those who did. The accounts that I have heard indicate that he was a man that was sold out for God. His desire was to tell as many people as he possibly could about Jesus. It is said that in one instance when he preached, as many as 38,000 people were born again!

I was especially blessed to hear the plain and simple truth proclaimed by his son, Franklin Graham, at the funeral. The truth that Jesus is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life. And NO MAN cometh to the Father but by Him.

Did you ever have the privilege of meeting or speaking to Billy Graham?

I believe he was a tremendous man of God. And yet, I think he would have been the first to tell us, don’t look at me, look at Jesus–He is the one to follow!


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