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Book Review- Questions & Answers for Kids

q&aI received this lovely journal for one of my girls to try out.

It’s a 3 year journal.

It’s a hardcover, and has a separate page for each day of the year. The pages have a really neat layout. There is a thought provoking question at the top of each page.

Each date is set up to use the first, top section the first year, and then the next year, you use the second section, and so on. This way kids can see their progress, their thought processes, and how they change and mature from one year to the next.

I gave this lovely journal to my 9 year old daughter. For her privacy, I don’t really want to share the pages that she’s written on. I asked her to tell me a little bit about what she likes about this journal. She said she really enjoys the humorous pictures included on each page.  She added that if she can’t think of enough to write about for the question, then she goes on to write a bit about the picture.

I especially like the fact that she has this journal to get her to thinking and articulating thoughts that she might not otherwise.

You can buy this beautiful journal on Amazon here.

Here is the publisher’s description:

Q&A for Kids is a  wonderful way to get to know your child’s unfolding personality as well as an open door to discuss hard questions.

Together you and your kids will be able to visit the same question on the same day year after year and watch how your child’s thoughts about life and the world change. Each question is also paired with an encouraging verse from the Bible to point your family to the what the Word of God says about the serious and the funny.

I’d like to thank the Freely Give Co. for sending us a complimentary copy and allowing us the opportunity to review this journal. I have not been compensated, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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