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Book Review – Healing Ruby series

I was granted the privilege of listening to the first two books in a terrific series! These books are titled Healing Ruby, and Breaking Matthew

I listened to the first one a few months ago, and just today finished the second one.

Both are so, so good!

Just a few thoughts on each book:

Healing Ruby

This is a powerful story–a story full of so many things! Hope. Forgiveness.
The story of a young girl, Ruby, set in the Depression era. In a small town, in Alabama, in the days of the KKK.
I saw the events of the time through her eyes. Felt what she felt.
As a girl who lived through many hard times, Ruby was called by God, and faced great opposition. Opposition that affected not only herself, but also her family. And other down-trodden individuals that she felt called to help.
Ruby learns to trust God. Learns that He is with her, even when it doesn’t seem possible.
This is a story full of feelings. So much hatred. And about how to rise above what others think of you, to live for God.
Long after you finish reading, this story will stick with you!

Breaking Matthew

This is the exciting second book in the Healing Ruby series.
This story is full of unexpected twists and turns. I literally had no inkling of what was ahead, even to the very last page.

Ruby. A young girl living in the days of the Great Depression, having the firm belief that Negroes should be treated equally with whites. This was very rare in Alabama in those days.

Because of her belief that all people should be treated equally, she faces much difficulty.

Matthew. Her friend. He’s back, and now he is determined to stick up for her, through even the darkest days.

I don’t want to give the story away, so will refrain from sharing more details.
I love the way the author has written this story, it is so very well written. The characters become friends. The setting and details are absolutely fantastic. If you like history, you will get wrapped up and swept away by this story!


There are two more in this series, and I look forward to reading those in the near future, too!

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