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Book Review – Washed Under The Waves

WUW28619591_987914694706417_7345205229990811366_oWashed Under the Waves

Children of the King, Book One

By The Vine PressWUWindex

Christian Speculative Romance

Release Date: March 6, 2018

Short Book Descriptions:

A hidden island. A prince in disguise…and a lady torn between love and duty.

Lady Tayte Bashan prepares her island for the prophesied prince, but when a tutor arrives in his stead, she finds herself facing more than just the rising waves.

Here are a few thoughts I had on this book…

Another new book! This one is a bit out of my normal reading, it is considered a fantasy novel, but I am loving it!

Think princess and her handsome prince who comes rescuing her…it is set on an island out in the middle of the sea. It happens in the future, but because of the isolation of this island, some elements make it feel like the past.

There are definite allegorical elements to this story. Various ways you can relate to it as a Christian, life lessons to be learned.

Tayte is a beautiful princess who has lost both her parents (due to a tsunami) and is now entrusted with ruling her island. But nobody listens to her. And they are waiting for the arrival of the prince she is to marry, only nobody knows exactly when he is to arrive.

Then a tutor arrives, sent from the king (only, what the Undae people,including Tayte, don’t know is that he is the prince, sent in disguise). Athan is the hero of this story.

What is especially beautiful about this story is The King. And the way the island people come to him, and become his children. This is definitely allegorical. It helps us better understand God and His love for us.

I am finding this book to be a delightfully different story. The characters continue to grow on me. The setting is enchanting.

(On a side note, the only thing I didn’t quite like about the story was the physical attraction between a few of the characters, & how it is described. Because I was under the impression that this story is geared for YA, I would find some of these descriptions just a bit more detailed than what I’d want my daughters to read.)

Disclaimer: I receive complimentary books from various sources, including, publishers, publicists, authors, and/or NetGalley. I am not required to write a positive review, and have not received any compensation. The opinions shared here are my own entirely.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

What others say…

Unique Series Brings Faith, Romance, and Adventure

Speculative series weaves historical fiction and a tangible spiritual thread with action and romance!


Full Book Description:

A hidden island. A prince in disguise…and a lady torn between love and duty.

Lady Tayte Bashan never desired the distinctive black hair that marks her as Undae royalty, but when her family perishes in a devastating tsunami, the burden of leadership falls upon her young shoulders. Even as she prepares her island for the prophesied prince, she fears the duty to marry him is truly meant for another.


Dispatched by the King to an island untouched by the outside world for centuries, Prince Geoffrey Athan D’Ambrose must lead its people to the ultimate truth. But how is he supposed to win the heart of Undae’s princess when the King sends him disguised as a tutor?

Betrayal stirs within Castle Bashan, a threat as deadly as the rising wave. Now Tayte and Athan must brave the maelstrom or watch as the entire island succumbs to treachery’s destructive tide.


About the author:WUW21EFAFQyPxL._SY200_

Gloria Clover, Christ-follower and Truth-seeker, writes romantic fiction with the hope of showing God’s love and our need in both humorous and haunting ways. The Children of the King series is her first endeavor into speculative fiction, a series set in the future when the King sends out his children to reclaim his lost lands.

Gloria’s contemporary romances, published by Barbour Books and Son-Rise Publications, include: The Remaking of Moe McKenna in the Race to the Altar anthology, Brianna’s Pardon, and Tangled Truths. She compiled ten volumes of Penned From the Heart and wrote a short devotional, Who We Are in Christ, A to Z.

She is a member of Emmanuel Christian Church, active in prayer ministry, women’s ministries, American Heritage Girls, and various other projects. She participates in writing/book days at local schools and enjoys giving and receiving from her various writing critique groups. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, participating in the ACFW book club and prayer loops.

Married with child, she writes from her little white box in western PA.

Visit her at






2 thoughts on “Book Review – Washed Under The Waves”

  1. Thanks for showcasing my book today. And thanks for being willing to step away from your normal genre to give Washed Under the Waves I try. When there are so many books to read, I don’t take lightly a reader’s bravery to try new things.

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