Daylight Savings Time Begins!

What are your thoughts regarding Daylight Savings?

That delightful thing called turning the clocks forward one hour…coming at us tomorrow!!

I haven’t taken the time to do any research on the matter…but I seriously wonder at the effectiveness of it.


I found this post interesting: (I really enjoyed your thoughts, I hope you don’t mind if I post a link to your site, Bookworm Mama)

Growing up in Indiana where there was no such thing as Daylight Savings Time, I really didn’t appreciate the thing of having to learn how to utilize and cope with it when I moved to another state!

And just this week, I saw an article linked on facebook that Florida is attempting to pass a bill that they would not go off DST again…

I guess, my thoughts run along the lines of, how can moving the clocks forward one hour really benefit us anything?! I mean, maybe, back in the day when the idea was first conceived, and people actually only worked during certain hours, it was more effective, but these days, with all our modern conveniences and technology we have available, people work all or any hours of the day or night, and I just can’t really see that the time shown on the clock changes that much…


There you have it–my thoughts! 🙂

What do you think?


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