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I recently received an email from a lady I’d never heard of before. Marshalee Patterson. She asked if I’d be willing to read her book and participate in a book blog tour. Because I’m always on the lookout for new favorite authors, I agreed.

So today, I’m here to tell you just a bit about her book called The Path of the Chosen Warriors. marshalee51m9bgqPEUL  I’d just like to say right here, this is probably not a book that I would have picked to read. It’s not my typical or preferred genre. However, because I do like to read a wide variety of books, I am  glad that I read it. Keep reading to find out why!


Staring into the eyes of the man she loved, Ruth knew coming home was where she would make her fondest memories with her beloved Joshua. She was looking forward to their journey together as man and wife. All their plans were interrupted when they were caught up in a terrible storm, and their boat crashed in an unknown area. Although they were lost, it seemed as if destiny had brought them to this unfamiliar territory, and until they discovered what it was and fulfilled it, their future together would be put on hold

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My Thoughts

This book is unlike any that I’ve read, I think. It has a lot of action and adventure, but what sets it apart is that it has a lot of spiritual warfare. It is definitely an eye opener, and made me think more of what actually goes on around me, and how much evil and darkness is found in our world. Because it is unseen, it is way too easy for me to forget about that dimension.

In this book, the characters actually see the demons and the angels, so it’s written more as an allegory, and not really as a realistic story. The warfare between these spiritual beings is a visible, very present happening in this story.There are parts of this battle that are fairly detailed–the picture that is painted here of the forces of evil, their utter darkness and loss, and the results of living this way, is not a pretty one. (If you have a tendency to get a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach because of things of this nature, this book might not be for you)

This is written from a very charismatic point of view–calling on God for healing, deliverance, and so on, are very much a part of this story. It ties in with that whole spiritual-warfare dimension.

The main characters are Joshua and Ruth. They are newly engaged and hoping to get married soon, and then they find themselves in the middle of their worst nightmare. So, in addition to being a spiritual warfare novel, there are bits and pieces of romance scattered throughout.

I also noticed a few errors in the text that detracted a little bit from the story. In spite of these minor mistakes, this story is an attention-grabbing, action-intense book.

Overall, I appreciated the opportunity given me to read this book. We are told in the Bible that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness. It is good to be reminded that these are all around us, and the forces of darkness are powerful. What is so exciting for me as a Christian is to remember again that my God is The All Powerful One. Not only that, but He cares for me!

Disclaimer: I receive complimentary books from various sources, including, publishers, publicists, authors, and/or NetGalley. I am not required to write a positive review, and have not received any compensation. The opinions shared here are my own entirely.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255



Marshalee Patterson was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She has loved reading since she could walk. Growing up without a television sparked in her a love for reading and the world of imagination. Some of her favourite novels were written by Charles Dickens, Jane Eyre and Victor Hugo, as she found she liked the true to life stories that we all can relate to. She wrote her first novella-Predestined Love after travelling to Italy and wanted to write a romance novel about it, only she didn’t know that God had plans for her and that story when he changed the direction of what she originally had in mind.

It was then that she knew she was called to write stories to uplift and inspire readers, showing them how to find God in their struggles and the faith to trust Him through it. Marshalee is a lover of nature and the tranquillity of it. She finds the outdoors refreshing and peaceful. She also loves Spanish ballads and dances salsa very well.

 Guest Post

What is the purpose of writing?

Why do Christians pretend or want to pretend that they are perfect? How will we have the unsaved come to Christ if we present ourselves as a body that never make mistakes? Maybe my questions have you a bit confused, but here is the reason for these questions and at the end of this post I hope you will share your own thoughts.

In this book- The Path of the Chosen Warriors, the two main characters Joshua and Ruth, discovered they were meant for each other, when Ruth came home after years of studying abroad. I wrote a scene showing the effect of them missing each other, as they sat at the pool and began to kiss. Somehow Joshua’s lips left Ruth’s lips in the heat of the moment and found its way down to the top of your breast (no she wasn’t naked, she was in a swimsuit), Ruth however, stopped Joshua reminding him why they couldn’t.

The funny thing though, is a few persons read the book and called that scene questionable or out of place for Christians, and missed the whole purpose of why it was added to begin with. You see, I wanted to show readers that Christians are not perfect; that we face and experience the same temptations like the unsaved. I wanted readers to see that everyone experiences sexual desires, even though Christians seem to be afraid to talk about such things.

For me, writing isn’t just to entertain readers, God called me to deliver readers out of struggles and show them how, through my characters. But how can I help someone going through something similar if I am ashamed to mention something of a sexual nature because we are scared to talk about it. If the Songs of Solomon can mention the word breasts, why should it be a bad thing to add it to your book if you want to get a point across? There is a difference between erotica and mentioning a bit about the body in regards to sex, if you want to get a point across to readers. After-all, how can someone relate to your characters if you paint them as perfect all the time?

Too many times people are going through stuff that they are shamed of and because Christians always let the world, see them as perfect, the world can’t come to them without feeling judge. Even some Christians are scared or maybe ashamed to approach another because of that. Jesus said none is perfect- All have come short of the glory of God.

One thing I have learnt since The Lord called me to write is that while books entertain readers, they are to minister first. The same way a pastor’s job is to lead people to Christ through preaching- it’s the same for writers, whether is romance or mystery or another genre. We authors need to include prayers and scriptures, knowing that not everyone have a bible or know how to pray.

So to answer the question. What is the purpose of writing?  Well, that’s easy-We are called to feed God’s sheep and in doing so lead them to salvation. We all have to give an account to God.

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  1. thank you for your honest review. i have not read anything like this before. this sounds like an interesting read. i have not considered a story like this. A friend is going to give me a book written from the demons perspective.

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