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Book Giveaway Time!

I mentioned just a bit about this on Monday…but…because I’ve just reached a year of having this blog public, I decided to give away a few more books!

There is a rafflecopter link at the end of this post, you can enter that way, and/or (because I realize that sometimes, for whatever reasons, rafflecopter seems to not work) by leaving a comment on this blog post. (In your comment, tell me what you most like about Spring!)

This giveaway will officially open at midnight, and will run for one week!

I’m going to do like I did for that other giveaway I had–I will giveaway one paperback, winner’s choice of 5 shown below. If I reach 20 comments, I’ll give away two books, and if I reach 30, then 3. You may leave one comment each day, and each comment counts as one entry toward the giveaway.

Here are the books to choose from in this giveaway:

You can read my reviews here:

The Tempering Agent

His Risk

Phoebe’s Light

The Melody of the Soul

Isaiah’s Daughter

And…the link for  a Rafflecopter giveaway

24 thoughts on “Book Giveaway Time!”

  1. My favorite thing about spring is new life. It’s like the earth is waking up again. Do I comment here every day for more entries? I couldn’t figure out how to comment on rafflecopter…

  2. congratulations on one year. hmm, what i love about spring: sunshine, new life everywhere, rain that reminds me of the cleansing power of Jesus and preparing for our vegetable garden and flower gardens
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  3. Mesu Andrews is a new to me author. I have read a number of reviews for her books and would love to read some of her books. I love biblical fiction based on biblical facts. Have a great week.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  4. I love that everything seems to come alive . . . new growth, new beginnings. It’s wonderful!! Congrats on your 1yr public blog!

  5. spring is trying to come here. my crocus’s and tulips and daffidils are coming up. plus the robins and other birds and bunnies galore. Just wish the weather would be more like spring. oh well, it will come. either that or go straight into summer, LOL whatever the good Lord allows we will roll with it. have a great weekend

  6. Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday. When i left for church this morning i noticed that i have tulips flowering. so pretty yet it is supposed to snow tomorrow. i hope not. Today our pastor started a series on Marriage, Singleness and Parenting. Today was about Marriage. So good. He went back to the first marriage in the garden of eden. And finshed with the last marriage that will be when Christ comes back. Wonderful.

  7. some great books you are giving away. thank you for your generosity. we are getting snow right now. sigh 😦 well that just means more quilting and more reading today 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic day.

  8. Weather in Kentucky just as crazy . . . boots and heavy coat in the morning and a light sweater in the evening. Plants still seem to be doing their thing with some already blossoming.

  9. We had snow here this morning. Hoping for warmer weather soon. Another thing I like about spring is seeing birds come back to my feeders. The male finches are nice, bright yellow again.

  10. I looked up A Tempering Agent. This is a new to me author. I like how a blend of historical fiction and Christian romance is what this book is all about. Sounds fascinating.

  11. Just looked up Melody of the Soul. LOL Oh my, you are not making this easy. LOL My son is one of these people that have a passion for history and is not afraid to tell someone that we will repeat this if ignored or sharing what he knows. He is a brilliant young man. He got his masters in history because he wanted to share what he knew as a teacher, and make sure the students got the facts straight, and enjoyed learning, but when he graduated there were 2000 applicants for 2 positions for college/university teaching positions throughout the US. Hope the rest of your week is great.

  12. I love seeing the first flowers come up in spring. Just found a few tiny little flowers yesterday! And my perennial herbs are growing too!

  13. I have a lot of crocus’s and tulips and daffodils right now. and our trees are budding like crazy. oh and some of my butterfly plants are starting to come up. cant wait for the butterfly’s and hummingbirds to come to the yard again. we have birds and bunnies all year long. soon we should be seeing ducklings and baby rabbits

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