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Good Morning, it’s Monday again…

Good morning!

It’s April 9th. And it’s SNOWING. AGAIN.

That’s what life is like, here in central Ohio, I suppose…we do hope that winter will be over soon. After all, summer is only about two months away! 😉

I wanted to add a reminder–I still have a book giveaway open, for just a few more days.

Go here!

This blog might be a bit more quiet here this week…

I hope to share a few pictures later on, then, about some things I’m working on this week, but don’t have them yet…

I’ll just take a few minutes to tell you about it.

Currently, I’m on the Sewing Committee at our church. We have a wonderful group of ladies, and we enjoy getting together each month. Our main sewing projects consist of making quilts & comforters to send to needy countries. We also do two ‘special quilts’ yearly, and these are special in that they are more intricate and detailed, and then they are donated, to a nonprofit organization, and frequently auctioned off. Our one quilt goes to the Haiti Benefit Auction in Mt Hope, Ohio. That one we quilted back in February, and it is finished! This week we will be doing another special quilt, and that recipient has not yet been decided.

If I don’t forget I’ll post pics of these quilts later.

Because of being on the sewing committee, it is my responsibility to get these in the frames and ready for the ladies to work on. Because special quilts have more quilting than our usual monthly quilts (which we keep fairly basic), we will get them set up today, and then hope to have it all quilted by Wednesday afternoon.

Our comforters are made of flannel, and then we knot those with yarn. These are much faster to complete, and gives those of our group that aren’t quite as comfortable with quilting a project to help with. (even though I’ve known how to quilt for quite some time, I still prefer doing comforters…but being on the committee has required me to put in more time quilting… 😉 )

We ladies really enjoy our sewing days, because, in addition to doing these sewing projects, we have food and fellowship! We have six ladies furnishing food each time (two for each course-hot dish, salad, and dessert). We always have a delicious meal, and then get to enjoy it, while visiting with friends. It makes me a bit sad to think that a ladies sewing day has died out at many churches. We don’t have many other special activities that we do together as church ladies, and so I think that also helps to make our sewings extra special.

Saying that…we will also be having a special ladies tea party at our church one evening this week. We’ve done this a few times in the past, but not necessarily on a regular basis. This event also includes all our daughters. This time we are each taking a “tea-party-food-dish” along.  My girls love these things, and are already planning what ‘sweet treats’ they want to make to take along. 🙂 And I enjoy having them plan the food for me.

If you made it this far, good for you! 🙂 I tend to ramble sometimes… 😉

I’d love to hear from you–are you part of a ladies group that does sewing projects? Or what kind of ladies group activities are you involved in?

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning, it’s Monday again…”

  1. I live in central Illinois in the suburbs of Chicago. It is snowing right now here also. At this point we have about 3 inches. Spring WILL get here. I just need to be patient. And as my husband said recently (he grew up in Chicago) that here spring really doesn’t start until mid May. On Mothers day is when we start to weed and get ready for our gardens. About 20 years ago a group of us at church got together and we quilted baby blankets for a Crisis Pregnancy place we supported. That only lasted for 1 year and it was disbanded. 😦 Then about 2 years ago (same church, different campus) we started having a women’s breakfast and a time of time of crafts for different places. Like one time we tied flannel and made blankets for children in the community that where in need. Another time we made pillowcase dresses and sent them to Haiti (the church supports a ministry there). We were at this church for 25 years. Just recently the Lord has been nudging us to go to another specific church. We obeyed. It is an offshoot of Wheaten Bible Church. And they really don’t have a lot of in house ministries. Both my husband and I feel like we are being led to be a part of ministries and start some. We will see where the Lord leads us. Should be exciting.

    1. This sounds interesting! I’m always blessed to hear of the ways that other people help those less fortunate. May God bless you as you follow His leading, into a new church.

  2. It snowed here all day yesterday and right now we have a light snow. I don’t attend a ladies group with our church but I use to work at a tea shop. After I left the tea shop, I had many teas at my home for friends and family.

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