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A prince is born

IMG_1646.PNGAm I the only one with a strange fascination for the British royal family?

Have you also been waiting for news of the arrival of their baby? Prince William & Kate, I mean….

He’s here–they had a son today!

(Edited to add:They finally have a name: Prince Louis Arthur Charles

Louis has a distinct British pronunciation, different from ours in America. They say it “Lou-ee”)

As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed seeing news articles about this family. I think it probably started with Princess Diana. As a young girl, I marveled at her beauty. I had a paper doll set showcasing some of her gorgeous outfits, and it included her lovely wedding dress.

Then, we heard of her death, and it was sad.

Her two sons, Prince William, and Prince Harry, we’ve ‘watched’ grow up, through the years.

And now, with social media, it is easier than ever to watch what is happening in this Royal Family.

We were able to watch Prince William & Kate’s wedding online.

Find out when they are expecting new babies. See photos, and more.

Here is a link where you can hear the Town Crier announce the birth:

After that clip finished, the website took me to a live link, where reporters and paparazzi are waiting outside the Lindo Wing, the location Princess Kate & her new little son are staying right now. Isn’t it incredible to think that even though all of this is happening way over there, it is possible to watch it from around the world?!

And as I was watching, just a few minutes ago, a black vehicle pulled up to the curb, and Prince William climbed out. He helped Prince George and Princess Charlotte climb out of the back seat, and hand in hand, they walked in to meet their newest family member. The little princess was a doll–she kept waving at people as they made their way inside.31167109_1975571995809444_6283443069521820030_n


There’s my bit of news for the day… 😉 Something to make Monday just a bit more interesting.



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