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Book Review – Justice Delayed

51t56UBze8L._SY346_I’ve been wanting to read this book for a looong time. I’ve had it waiting. And I kept having to put to the side because of reading commitments (books that had to be reviewed by a certain date).

I finally took the time to read it this past weekend.

It’s great! This series is my favorite–Christian suspense. Cold cases. Investigations. Finding justice. A tiny bit of romance. All these are what I really like in a story. And this author is high on my list of authors that I like to read.

Saying all that, I really did enjoy this story. But…maybe my expectations were set a bit too high. Because…I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I’d anticipated. There was a lot of action. It kept jumping back and forth between scenes/settings, characters, etc., without much explanation. It took me a bit to get to the point where I could (mostly) keep everyone straight.

The story line was fantastic. The ending was also well written.

I loved the main characters.

Andi gets drawn in to helping solve the murder of her sister Stephanie. An incident that happens in the prologue, which is actually many years prior to this story. Her determination to find the truth, which means putting herself in danger at times, endeared her to me. The romance between Andi and Will….sweet and not entirely unpredictable, but still…an enchanting story!

And I will most definitely read the rest in this series!!

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