Summer Vacation

Yes! It’s our first day of summer vacation!

Surprisingly enough, our house is already bustling with activity, and it’s only 9:00! 🙂

I’ve got one daughter out in the kitchen, already hard at work making delicious things for us…she could hardly wait until vacation… 😉

Then there’s another one trying to finish her yearbook spreads

And yes…there is still one in bed, sound asleep, I think…. (surprisingly enough, it’s the one that is usually one of the first ones up…I think she’s tired! 😉 )

And the other daughter…well she’s been floating around here, doing this and that…feeding animals, putting away dishes from last night…

I threatened them all this morning with the fact that our wifi would be turned off if they would persist on hanging out online all day… 😉

And me, what have I been doing this morning…Friday means laundry, so I just got back in from hanging out my first load of wash on the wash line, we’re washing sheets today, so it seems like a good day to hang stuff out, if only it doesn’t rain.

So I’m going to make myself scarce here as well.

We have a school picnic tomorrow, and a family get together for Mother’s Day on Sunday, so there’s food to make and stuff… 🙂

Happy Friday!!


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