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Daring to Hope

IMG_1737kfkIf you are looking for an inspiring story, then look no further!!

Last year, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Launch Team for this incredible book.

After I got the book and started reading it, I realized that I really needed to read the first book before beginning this one.

So I laid it aside, and read Kisses From Katie. It was so good, I decided to read it aloud to my daughters.

We all were tremendously blessed and challenged. As I was reading through this book with them, I determined that we needed to keep up this new tradition–find a book about a missionary, or someone, who is reaching out, doing what seems next to impossible, giving their life in service to God. It helps us to look so much further than ourselves, and gives vision to serve God in new ways.

After we finished Kisses from Katie, we went on and read Daring to Hope.

The first book we found to be more of a story, it related how she went to Uganda, her life experiences, and such. It tells how she adopted her daughters. How she got to know the people, and made herself at home so far away from her home and family.

The second book is more of a journal. It does have life experiences, but it a lot more of Katie’s thoughts, prayers, things she learned from God, more of a deeply spiritual nature, and not quite so much her daily life experiences as the first.

While we did enjoy the second one, and were really blessed by it, we (the girls especially) did not find it quite as riveting as the first one.

However, if you are looking for a book to read that will bless you and challenge you and strengthen your faith, then you will want to read these!

It is amazing what God can do through a person who is committed to serving Him.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of Daring to Hope from the publisher. This is my honest review.

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