Checking In


It feels like I’m a bit missing in action here…

Yes, it is officially summer time at our house, and there is lots going on.

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep my ‘workforce team’ busy! 🙂

I love having them home, and the work sure can get done in a hurry–as long as the motivation stays!

We’ve been busy. A few of our projects include

picking strawberries (we think we’ve probably picked about 8 ice cream buckets full in the past two weeks)

picking potato bugs off of potatoes (I’ve heard from several people that they paid their children 5 cents for each bug…well, at that rate, my girls would’ve been able to earn at least $5/hr…yes they’ve been plentiful! GRR!!) We have high hopes that their time of growing might be almost over for the year

driving here and there.…I have my own personal chauffeur right now….our oldest daughter has completed her driver’s ed classes, and is busily working on getting in 50 hours of driving time. She hopes to get her license on her birthday in September, so we are doing quite well at getting hours in. What will be the challenge is having 10 hours of nighttime driving….hope to get those behind us some time in the next month.

Summer Bible School

Family Reunion – my hubby’s family has an annual weekend together, and we just got home from that last night

Girls’ Getaway – just the girls and I, we went to Indianapolis the other week, went one day and then came home the next…stayed at a hotel, swam, went out to eat, did some touristy things including a museum and a pioneer village. We had fun, but it was great to get home again.

Taming kittens


And then there’s of course the regular work – cooking, baking, cleaning house, and the unending job of laundry.

What are your tips to keep things running smoothly all summer?

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