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Book Review – Rules of Murder

ROM51qfvohN2tL._SY346_Rules of Murder by Julianna Deering

I just finished this delightful “Agatha Christie” like mystery and I can’t stop thinking about it!
I must admit, this was actually my second attempt at this book. The first time, I just couldn’t make myself get into it.
This time around, I listened to the audio version, and quickly fell under the spell of the narrator with a delightful British accent.
I love Drew Farthering, and I also love Madeline Parker.
I love the humor in this book. Their language gets me! And the fact that it’s set in Europe in the 1930s. Full of old cars, chauffeurs, gardeners, and the like.
The mystery of this book–the murders–they just keep piling up! This is not exactly what I’d call an action packed novel. In fact, it actually starts off a bit slow. But It picks up. Yes, quite nicely, it picks up…It also has all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. I had no idea of the ending, and that is saying a lot!
This book so much reminds me of some of the Agatha Christie books I’ve read, and I thoroughly enjoyed the reading (or rather, in this instance, listening of it)
If you like British things. And murder mysteries, give it a chance!

Tell me about a good mystery you’ve read recently.

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