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Book Review – More Than These

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More Than These: A Woman’s Love for God addresses the question that every woman who desires to walk with God must face. How can a woman love God as she should and keep the rest of her life in its proper place? Innumerable responsibilities fill her life and seek to take control of her time, energy, and focus. In spite of her best intentions, these worthy concerns can slip into a place of prominence in her heart-a place only God deserves. These people and situations that capture her love can quickly become idols when priorities go unchecked.
More Than These: A Woman’s Love for God addresses the issue of a woman’s love for God. Each chapter considers a different aspect of a woman’s life that can become an idol-family, friends, possessions, fears, accomplishments, etc. More Than These: A Woman’s Love for God clearly presents biblical truths and personal illustrations to teach why a woman must surrender these areas to the Lord for Him to remain her ultimate love. Women are searching for the secret to balancing their lives. More Than These: A Woman’s Love for God declares that loving God supremely is the answer.
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A few thoughts I had…this book is all about letting Jesus be enough.
Here is a quote:
“With the disciples’ physical needs met, the stage was set for Jesus
to ask Peter this important question. John 21:15 says, “So when they had
dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter . . . Lovest thou me more than these?”
When we consider this exchange between Peter and the Lord Jesus,
we must ask ourselves this same question. What place does Jesus truly
have in our hearts? Our response to the details of this conversation
will reveal our love for the Lord Jesus.”
What place do I let Him have in my life? This book is a challenge to me, to all of us women to rest in Jesus. To let Him be enough.
And here is another quote that spoke to me:
“God still works in a similar way today in our lives. He takes us
and shatters who we are. God reveals who we think we are, and then
shows us that we are nothing without Him. We often go screaming
and fighting all the way to that humility; but, when our lessons are
complete, He begins to rebuild us piece by piece. He makes us into
who He wants us to be for His glory!”
This book is written during a time of huge transition in the author’s life. She realizes how much she really does need to rely on Jesus, especially in this time. Do I let Him meet my needs, and remember He wants to do this all the time? Or do I only think of this in the hard times. It is so very hard to rest in Him. Trust. Wait.
I look forward to finishing the reading of this book and being drawn deeper to God through it.

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