Kittens, girls, and broken hearts


We had the dearest little kitten. K chose it for her special kitten.

You see, we like cats, but sometimes we don’t have good success with keeping them. For a number of years, once our cat would hit the 1 year age mark, something would happen and it would disappear. I was finally to the point where I was tired of it. So I thought it would be better to not have any more.

Then, we were gifted 3 more kittens. Out of those three, we still have one. Spice has been with us for almost 4 years. She’s a nice cat, but not necessarily one that just loves people. Which means she lets us pet her, but she doesn’t wrap herself around our legs, or walk where you want to put your feet.

Spice is a most unusual cat in that she is constantly crossing the road. (we live in the country, but our road is kind of a through road, and is rather busy, especially in the morning and evening) We don’t even know how many times each day she does this…for some reason she prefers certain resting spots over at the neighbors, and even gives birth over there….About crossing the road….she does look both ways first…but she hasn’t quite taught that to her offspring yet…and we fear for her…that some time she will misjudge. 😦

The best thing  (especially for the girls) about Spice is that she keeps giving us kittens. 😉

We have the problem some times of having too many kittens at once, so we are always on the lookout for people to take our kitties, once they reach the age of leaving their mother. Our litter this year had 4 kittens, and we told the girls they could keep the two females. K has long desired to keep a little orange one, and this is the first orange one that we’ve had that was a female. She named her Mittens and called her Mitty.

This little kitten has been of such enjoyment to the girls this summer. She’s playful. And friendly. And loved to follow them around.

These pictures show the most recent photo session that was taken with this kitten, which was really not that recent at all, considering how fast kittens grow….Mitty was born in April and was by now about a half-grown cat. But still small enough to be considered a kitten.

Well, we just had our hearts broken a tiny bit more yesterday when we discovered her lying on our driveway, quite still. 😦

We always are afraid for our kittens…afraid that they will get in the way of wheels….and yes, that is what this little one did.

It makes me hurt even more when I see how much the girls get attached to them, and how much it hurts them to lose one of these sweet pets.

We still have 3 cats –Spice, and one other kitten (and then there’s also Cocoa, one of her kittens from 2 years ago…but he could be a whole other story…). Anyhow, the remaining kitten from this year has been a lot more shy and not nearly as much fun. 😦



IMG_1712Here is J with our remaining kitten…named Asia. She’s the shy one. Some times she does let us pet her, but she doesn’t really care for it too much yet…

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