More About our Travels…

I promised another installment, so here goes.

I thought I’d share just a bit about the main reason for this trip. I think I mentioned last time it wasn’t a planned out trip. Well, that’s right, it wasn’t, entirely….but we did have some stuff planned. And the main reason for our trip was to spend the weekend with old friends. A Hillcrest Reunion, we call it.

For those who may not know much about Hillcrest, I’ll try to explain briefly.

In northwestern Arkansas, there is a nursing home called Hillcrest Home. One of the things that makes this place special is the people who work there. A lot of them are Volunteers. You see, it is considered a VS (voluntary service) Unit. This means that Christian young people can go there to work for a time of service as volunteers. They learn how to care for the elderly, and that is a ministry all in its own. But above all that, because they are there as volunteers, all the money that they don’t receive for their wages goes into a special missions fund, and Hillcrest is able to give lots of financial support to missions around the world.

We are Mennonites by denomination, and the generation that I am from (and the ones before me), many of us do not go to college. So this time away from home working at a VS Unit (Hillcrest is not the only place like this, there are also others) could be a a bit of a substitute…you go away from home, usually at least a year, some stay for two or three, you live in a dorm, and really get to know the people you live and work with.

What makes this place even more special to us is that this is where my hubby and I met. 😉

About every two years, we have a reunion with friends that we got to know there, and we look forward to these reunions, and have a good time. (The group that our reunion is for, the only people that are invited are the ones that worked there during the years we were there)

These Hillcrest friends of ours. These are like a second family. We worked with them day in and day out. We had days off together. We disagreed on stuff. We saw each other on our good days, and also the bad days. We didn’t always get along. We encouraged each other. Prayed for each other, laughed together, cried together, and so much more.  The continual being together means that we learned how to work out our differences,  and became lifelong friends. These people…even when we don’t see each other very  much (we are kind of scattered around the country), we can pick up where we left off the last time.

We had some good conversations. It’s so good to have a time of refreshing our friendships. And then, the deep things of life…sharing with others, getting new perspectives, finding out that we are all very much the same…

And it was fun seeing our girls making friends with our friends’ kids.

I don’t think I used a camera once while we were there, so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share.

I feel like this is kind of full of rambles…but yes, this Hillcrest Reunion, this is the main reason we took a trip to Arkansas this August. 🙂


2 thoughts on “More About our Travels…”

  1. So glad you had a great time. This is interesting. And sometimes the pictures stay in our minds and hearts and should not be interpreted with a camera. For me those times are more memorable. Have a wonderful weekend

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