Freebie Friday!!

I think it’s about time I do another one of these! There is a facebook group that has an ongoing thread for freebies, and when I started looking this morning, I thought I wasn’t going to find anything worth recommending, but then I was surprised. 🙂

Here goes!

None So Blind by Chautona HavigNSB41jSID+6t2L

(this is the first book in the series of the one I just posted a review of yesterday, Ties That Blind)







Doesn’t She Look Natural by Angela Hunt Doesnt51BZgDQo0OL

I have read this book, simply because of the author. It’s very unique! A divorced mom relocates and attempts to take over….a funeral home?! This book might not be for everyone…it does have a mystery, and some humor.





Roanoke by Angela HuntRoanoke51GY6shep+L

This used to be a favorite of mine, many years ago…tells the story of that time in US History, about the Indians and those settlers that just disappeared–the Roanokes.






Afton of Margate Castle by Angela HuntAfton41+OU-axbeL

another old favorite of mine from this author!







In Between by Jenny B JonesIB51CQ5BF5TXL









More Than Friends by Autumn Macarthur









Waves of Deception by Hope CallaghanWAVES513fsmiaoEL










Color of Danger by Alexa VerdeCOLOR51-gU+BrqpL










Jupiter Winds by CJ Darlington JW518r+bvW0rL


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