Back To School

Life will begin it’s normal routine again…that is, once we find normal….

Today was the first day of another year of school. A year which is also the last year that all four girls we be at the same school. The last “first” day of school for our oldest daughter. (Unless she changes her mind about pursuing more education…)

It’s always a good thing, to go back to that routine, schedule, all of that.

I told them on Saturday, though, that we have accomplished SO MUCH around the house this summer. I am so extremely grateful to them for all the help they gave me. So much I wouldn’t have gotten done without their help. There’s not much more motivating than have a daughter come up and say, “Mom, let’s go do…” One example of this is that yesterday (their last day at home) we made a batch of homemade salsa, AND did two date pudding cakes (one of which is needed for a fundraiser this coming weekend, the other just for us here at home, just because they didn’t know what date pudding tastes like). Either one of these projects could have kept until a later day. BUT it was so much easier and faster to do it when having more assistance in the kitchen!

I will miss this a lot. No work will get done without me going and physically doing it myself. Sigh. They did a lot of the laundry for me this summer. Keeping the washer going. Hanging stuff out on the line. Bringing it in (I will admit, we struggled with getting it put away… 😉 ) Can’t have it all, right?! Making supper. Baking. It was huge! I love, love this stage–where they are actually old enough to go and work on projects without me guiding every step. Trust me. There is still plenty of guidance required…and just as sure as I try and go take a bathroom break, or attempt anything unusual, I will still hear “MOM!! Where ARE you?!” 😉

It will be good to have a bit of quiet around the house occasionally…to be able to hear myself think…yes…it is good they are back in school. 🙂

Today I canned a small batch of tomato juice. This might actually wrap up my canning for the summer…unless the tomatoes start ripening a bit more quickly than rotting out in the garden…

Soon, I hope to tell you a few more details about our family trip, but that will have to wait until another day, because it is HIGH time to go and get supper underway! 🙂

Tell me about your day!

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