Friday Freebies and more…

Another week, another Friday!

Here are some books that are free for kindle, double check the price before you buy…

But, first, I have one other treat for you…

This one is not a freebie, but it is on SALE! (Price today $1.99!) This is one of those books that you read and it will stay with you for a long time! I think this was the first I read of Kristy Cambron’s books, and I’ve read all of hers since then…

A Sparrow in TerezinASIT51sAV8xGvEL


And, now for the freebies…just to clarify, me sharing these here does not mean that I am endorsing them, I simply look through lists of current free books, looking for ones that “look good” to me, to share with you here. I have not personally read any of them, but I think I’d enjoy each one of these. Use your own judgment to determine which books are for you and your family…


Good Clean Murder










Sharpe Point










A Shore Thing









Stealthy Steps








Picture Perfect







Grime Beat









Running Home





















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