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Book Review – Book of Days

Wow. Just wow. Whenever I finish a book of James Rubart’s, I’m left speechless. My mind is filled with much inward seeking and many thoughts. This one is no exception… And although this is not my preferred genre of reading, it is one that I welcome, and like to indulge in when I need variety, and they always give much food for thought, and leave me with things to ponder over for many days.

Here is the back cover copy of the book, from Amazon:

God’s Book of Days: a record of the past, present, and future of every soul.
Some say it’s myth, some say it’s real, hidden somewhere on earth.
If Cameron Vaux can’t find it, he’ll lose everything.

James L. Rubart is the bestselling, four-time Christy Award-winning author of nine novels, and has won numerous other accolades for his unique, mind-bending stories.


“When you start losing your mind … you must find the Book of Days.”

When his dying father speaks those words, Cameron brushes it off. Lose his mind at twenty-five? Find a book that doesn’t exist? Sorry. Just a product of his dad’s dementia. But now, eight years after his father’s death, it’s happening. Chunks of Cameron’s memories are just—gone.

Desperate, Cameron vows to fulfill his dad’s last request, and find the Book of Days. But when a clue leads him to Three Peaks, Oregon, Cameron realizes he’s stepped into a labyrinth of deadly secrets.

With mind slipping, Cameron finds that friends might be enemies, and the one person he can’t stand might be his greatest ally in his search for healing.

But there are others seeking the Book. Others will stop at nothing to get it. And they’re closer than Cameron imagines …


My thoughts:

This is another incredible story from the masterful storyteller, James Rubart.
This book, like all the others I’ve read of his, has a way of speaking to my very soul.
His words inspire and challenge in a way unlike most other fiction books can do.

Here we meet Cameron, a man who is in deep grief because he lost his beloved wife Jessie. He is on a quest to fulfill one of her last requests of him, that he needs to find the Book of Days. And now, he is desperate to find it for himself, because he feels his memories slipping away, and he hopes this mysterious Book of Days can help him regain those lost treasured memories.

But is the book really real? Or is it only seen in one’s dreams.
And thus begins his search…
The quest is long, the adversaries are determined to put many obstacles in his path.
The story has many twists and turns, and I was captivated until the end.


And…I had also read another one by this author this summer, and I’m not sure that I ever posted my review here for that book…


41lmIKPgHuLAbout the book:

It was just a letter. Cryptic, yes absolutely. But Seattle software tycoon Micah Taylor can’t get it out of his mind—the claim that a home was built for him by a great uncle he never knew, on the Oregon coast. In Cannon Beach. The one place he loves. The one place he never wants to see again.

Micah heads to Cannon Beach to sell the house and keep his past buried, but the nine thousand square-foot home instantly feels like it’s part of him.

Then he meets Sarah Sabin at the local ice cream shop … maybe Cannon Beach can be the perfect weekend getaway.

But strange things start happening in the house. Things Micah can’t explain. Things he can barely believe. All the locals will say is the house is “spiritual.” Unsettling since Micah’s faith slipped away like the tide years ago.

And then he discovers the shocking truth: the home isn’t just spiritual, it’s a physical manifestation of his soul.


My Thoughts: I think this is (still!) my favorite of Jim Rubart’s books. The idea of a house that changes and becomes a part of who we are…hidden rooms, allegorically speaking, like our heart…this entire concept just really intrigued me. I read it this past summer, and had posted a short review on goodreads, so I’m copying that over…

This is a book entirely unlike anything I’ve ever read!
It contains one man’s highly unusual spiritual journey.
A house. Rooms. Unknown changes. Letters. Spiritual Warfare.
This book is one of the best I’ve ever read and will remain with me for a long time. It offers a challenge to love God above everything else.
I can’t wait to read more from this outstanding author!



2 thoughts on “Book Review – Book of Days”

  1. Thanks for the reminder to pick up one of his books again. I read Five Times I Met Myself (highly recommend if you haven’t read it yet) but need to read the other books. Yes, his books are very different from my usual reads but so thought-provoking.

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