It’s Monday…again!

Good morning! Were you glad to see Monday arrive? 🙂

Monday morning always gives me mixed feelings…first, there’s that excitement of beginning a new week, new challenges, new activities…and then it hits…



Another week already?

Where did the weekend go?!

And just HOW will we possibly make it through everything that is on the schedule for this week!!

Yes, life does feel way too much like a rat race. And I don’t like it, but just don’t know how to get away from it. There are so many things going on around us, good things, things that we want to do…it’s hard to find a balance!

A year ago, we were dealing with a flooded basement, so this morning I am extremely thankful that it is not happening right now! 🙂 We’ve had lots of rain the past few weeks, but we’ve been able to keep our basement dry, so that feels like a tremendous blessing!

My prayer today is that I would look to God for the strength I need for each day, and not try to do it on my own, which is where that total worn out feeling comes from…

What will you do today? This week? I’d love to hear some thing you are thankful for today!

Have a blessed day!

1 thought on “It’s Monday…again!”

  1. Yah for a non flooding basement. I know what you are talking about. Sunday I have started making lists for each day of the week. On the top is the most important items for that day going down to the least important. Example: 1) 1/2 an hour with the Lord 2) Fix breakfast etc..
    This has really helped. And while I do my 1/2 hour, my husband walks to Starbucks and does his quiet time there with the Lord. And I know as the holiday season approaches us, I need to make sure I stay up with #1 on my list. Have a wonderful week and many blessings

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