Life in January

I’ve been a bit absent here…I’m reading, but just haven’t had time to post reviews for all the books I’ve read. I hope to get them posted soon. But…LIFE!

Yes! We are in the middle of Bible Quizzing. It’s all good, but it has made it a bit busier.

On top of that, I’m also helping with the Senior girls’ Home Ec class, the sewing portion of it, which is happening through January and February. It’s not that it has taken a lot of time, but it has added just a bit more stuff.

About our Bible Quiz team…two of our daughters are quizzing again. And on Friday, at our first event, their team placed first in their division! Yes, they did SO good. And have worked so hard for this! We have two more events this season, there is another one next week, and then several weeks later, the final event of the season.



About the book reviews…please keep checking back! I have no less than FOUR books here…all of which were very interesting…that I want to post reviews on.

And then… a bit about the weather…what is it like where you are?

Here in central Ohio, we were supposed to get the biggest storm of the season this past weekend. Predictions were ranging anywhere from 8 – 18 inches!! It sounded like a lot of fun! I mean, if we’re going to be having winter anyway, let’s have a real snow storm, right?!

We still had some snow from last weekend. Well, Saturday, it began raining. And then it rained for awhile. Every time we looked at our radar, it showed that we were right on the line where the rain switched to snow. And yes…we should have had loads of snow.

It did finally start snowing…some. Saturday evening. It got very cold. And windy!

So. Sunday morning, there were snow drifts around here and there…but it was hard to know how much actual snow we got, because of that. In some places, the grass is poking through the snow…so yeah…it’s not an overall high amount.

Church was cancelled yesterday and we had a cozy day at home. (except for my husband, who was out a good portion of the day, pushing snow with his truck & plow)

Today was a snow day for school because it is so bitterly cold outside…and the roads still have icy patches. We decided to continue our snow day tradition of making donuts. (we do this about once a year, or sometimes not every year…)

I allowed myself a taste of one donut hole. It was delicious. But…they really do not agree with me, (as in…the more I eat, the more I crave them, and so on…) and definitely do not help me in achieving any health goals…so I will leave them for the rest of my family to enjoy. 😉


Have a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Life in January”

  1. That takes self discipline to only eat a doughnut hole! After all that work! As far as the weather here, the days are very warm, like in the 80s and 90s, then it cools off nicely in the evening after the sun goes down. Quite the opposite from home! Have a good week!

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