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Hi…I’m still here (waving hands!!) snowed in (literally…today! 😉 )

February…it used to be a quiet month, but not no mo’!

Last week we completed our season of Bible Quizzing, so I am hoping things will get a bit more back to normal around here.

I think I had blogged about it earlier…when my team placed first in their division. That was at our first Quizathon. They did awesome! I asked them what we could do to stay motivated and suggested they give me a number for how many times each of them would recite the entire passage before the next event…so one of them threw out what I thought was a ridiculously high number. I wanted to tell them…that is impossible!! But…no, they went for it! …and so, from a Wednesday until the next week on Friday, four of them did just that!! Their reward is a gift card to a location of their choosing. I was so, so impressed with their determination!!

The next quizathon…even though they didn’t get first place, they still did really well! They again made it to the finals and got 2nd place. (Studying hard, determination, motivation…all of that really does pay off!) I love seeing young people utilizing their God-given talents  in this way. My prayer is that God is glorified through all of this.

And then. Last weekend was our final event, our Quiz Retreat. They quiz on Friday, have a banquet in the evening, and then various activities including talent show and group games. Families are invited to come participate in the evening activities (all except for the banquet). Then on Saturday we do playoffs all day.

They did really well all weekend, and we walked away with a 2nd place medal.


As proud as I am of them, I tried to drill it in…that in the long run…anyone that participates is a winner–they have God’s Word so deeply drilled into their hearts, and that is of eternal value and quite priceless.

Now…I feel like I can think of other stuff and breathe again! 😉

I’m hoping to do a few book giveaways again here, in the very near future…I love to share from my stash. But…quite honestly…doing giveaways on here has not really been a hit. I think there are several people who comment quite faithfully, but overall, I don’t get a lot of response. So I’m not sure yet, I may or may not continue those. I welcome feedback. 🙂

Of course, that doesn’t include the ones that I share when I am participating in  blog tours and the author is offering a giveaway,

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