first line friday

First Line Friday

5151oq97FRL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Today I’m reading this delightful book, and I’d like to share the first line with you.

“People parted around us in the courtyard. No one stopped to say anything–why would they? No one had ever seen us before.”


I’m finding this book as intriguing as others I’ve read by Katherine Reay. Her books, at least for me, kind of have to grow on you. It’s not the type of story that you are desperately paging through from the very beginning. No, the attraction is there, but it is not so intense…but then, as you keep reading, you are gradually drawn in to the story until you know you MUST keep reading!


You can preorder your own copy here. I am privileged to have received an ARC ebook version of this book to read, so I am enjoying it already now, but it doesn’t actually release until May.

Other favorites by this author were Dear Mr. Knightley and A Portrait of Emily Price.

You can check out the other participants of this First Line Friday here.


I’d love to hear from you–what book are you enjoying today?

Happy Friday!




6 thoughts on “First Line Friday”

  1. My first few lines are from The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep. I just finished this fabulous book!
    Southampton, England 1815

    Was it wicked to say goodbye with a smile? Wrong to feel happy about leaving one’s family behind? Surely only a sinner’s heart would harbor such uncharitable emotions…wouldn’t it?

  2. I’m sharing from Ladies of Intrigue, a collection of three novellas by Michelle Griep. Here’s the first line of the third novella, A House of Secrets:

    “He’s late. Are you worried?”

    Happy Friday and happy reading!

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