Christian fantasy

Ebook set on sale!

Are you looking for something different to read?

Here is a set that is currently on sale–yes, the entire set.

(this is a kindle version, not paperback)

Children of the King Series by Gloria Clover


You can buy the entire set for one low price.

I haven’t read all of these, but I have read several.

I’d class them as YA reading, fantasy, kind of an allegorical type of story. It includes islands, princes & princesses, kings, danger, and more!

Here is what Amazon has to say about them:

Get all of the Children of the King Series books at a great discount!

Washed Under the Waves
A hidden island. A prince in disguise…and a lady torn between love and duty.

Lady Tayte Bashan never desired the distinctive black hair that marks her as Undae royalty, but when her family perishes in a devastating tsunami, the burden of leadership falls upon her young shoulders. Even as she prepares her island for the prophesied prince, she fears the duty to marry him is truly meant for another.

Sent from the King to an island untouched by the outside world for centuries, Prince Geoffrey Athan D’Ambrose’s mission is to lead its people to the ultimate truth. The first sent out, he desires to serve his King, but how is he supposed to win the heart of Undae’s princess when the King sends him disguised as a tutor?

The Fire Starter
A secluded island. A fiery princess…and a translator with a smoldering mission.

Princess Amaryllis Filippopoulos, the rightful heir of Celosia, will not succumb to her father’s absurd plot to marry her off and forfeit her rule. When a proxy wedding creates a sham of a marriage and battle erupts over the bride, will she do the unimaginable in order to save her island?

Prince Valryan Molan is sent by the King to translate the island’s scrolls…and to marry its princess. The High Lord of Celosia may have handed Valaryn the key to his kingdom, but she’s as pliable as iron.

From the Frozen Depths
An island at war. A determined commander…and a princess frozen in frustration.

Padar Lacer receives a chilly reception on the island of Dharani, home to a people solidified in their beliefs of caste and karma. Upon her arrival, Padar agrees to treat a dying soldier, but when she discovers it requires more than her medical training, can she do the unimaginable to save his life?

Jym Fountayn wants to stop the war at all costs, even using a foreign princess to further his cause. After all, he warned her from the beginning that he was no prince. But when Padar’s talk of a King who can shatter frozen thinking ignites the entire island, Jym begins to wish he was the chosen prince and not just a warrior destined to kill or be killed.

Dealing in Shadows
An Imprisoned island. A desperate leader…and a prince gambling on faith.

Since her parents’ courageous sacrifice, Kylie Laperouse leads a band of rebels in the underground tunnels of Karoo. She lives to free prisoners from the governor’s systematic slavery and to protect them from the island’s dragon.

Prince Mitchell Chifley Monroe eagerly seeks his mission to Karoo, but he’d rather forgo pursuing a princess. As he uncovers the island’s secrets, he discovers more than the penitentiary keeps its inhabitants cowering in the shadows.

Lost in Beauty
A dying island. A traditional pharaoh … and a princess beaming with change.

Princess Mina Everheart is thrilled with the opportunity to introduce the people of Osaze Island to the King and free them from their fixation on outward appearance. Her mantra, “Win the pharaoh; win the island,” proves difficult since the pharaoh clings to his professional mask as closely as his official paint covers his skin.

As pharaoh and the divine son of the sun god Aten, Hawk must keep up appearances. But if he is divine, why is he rendered immobile by the weight of his responsibilities? When the prophesied princess arrives, he expects her to assist … not undermine … his endeavors.

Ripe with adventure, intrigue, romance, and an imaginative, tangible relationship with the King, this is a series you won’t want to miss. Perfect for readers who love historical romance, ancient civilizations, fantasy, speculative, and allegorical fiction.

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