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Book Review – Just One Kiss

JOK51C5YUnBkWL._SY346_Just One Kiss

This book by Courtney Walsh is so very good. I’d heard others say it’s her best yet and I tend to agree.
The characters captured my heart from the very beginning.
Josh was such a well written personality, my heart just went out to him. He’s had such a hard life. And yes, he hadn’t always had it all together. But God got a hold of him. And now he’s back in Carly’s life, and wants to right all the wrongs from earlier.

I found myself with leaky eyes as I got to know Josh and Carly, their current lives, and then also their backstory.

Yes, this story had me going from being all teary-eyed to smiling, and then back to tears….the entire way through! It’s one of those that just pulls you in and you live in the moment right there with the characters!!

I also loved Carly, although I kept wanting her to stop living in denial…she was trying to protect herself from hurt, but she’s the only one that doesn’t realize she is still in love with Josh! 😉 WHEN will she finally catch on?! 🙂

This author does such an absolutely fantastic job of weaving it all together, showing us the whys of their failed relationship, and how they’ve grown, and bringing in all the emotions, the feels.
I’ve loved Harbor Pointe and all the characters in this series. The ending was bittersweet, as I realized I’d come to the end of my time with them.
This is a story that will stay with me for a long time.
Its message of forgiveness, of hope, love, and second chances, is one that is oh so relevant in today’s world.
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