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UPDATED TO ADD: This giveaway is now closed!

A winner has been selected by using I haven’t heard back from them yet. If I don’t get a reply within the next few days, a new winner will be selected, so stay tuned.

GIVEAWAY!!! One signed paperback copy! (Open to US residents only)

Leave me a comment stating what you like about Jen Turano’s books and which one is your favorite.

Giveaway ends 09/11/19 at midnight

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37 thoughts on “BOOK GIVEAWAY”

  1. I enjoy reading Jen Turano’s books because they make me laugh, and they also have depth to them. I don’t know which is my favorite, but I liked “Behind the Scenes” because the main lady character brought out flaws in high society that were demeaning to others not included in high society.

  2. I like Jen Turano’s books because they always make me laugh. Her characters get into such unique situations. I also like the faith aspect of her books. I’ve liked all of her books. My favorite would be whichever one I happen to be reading. I can’t choose one over the others.

  3. Oh, I love Jen’s books because they’re so quirky. But at the same time, the characters are all so fun – like a good friend. And I’m no good at picking favorites!! I did just read After a Fashion not long ago…

  4. I love the way her storytelling makes me laugh. One of my favorite books by Jen Turano is Out of the Ordinary. But honestly, I’ve loved every one of her books so far.

  5. I love Jen books because she does her research in the time period, her books make me laugh and her characters seem real. I love all her books. I especially love the fact her characters especially the females are real looking not the men swoon at their feet.

  6. I love the quirky characters and the over the top ridiculous situations that happen that make me laugh. I think these books would make really fun movies. (And I want Cary Grant to star in all of them). My favorite book is hard to choose cuz they are all on my favorite books shelf but my favorite moment in one of the books is from Behind the Scenes when they do the Go-As-You-Please quadrille. That had me laughing so much. I love these books.

  7. I enjoy reading Jen’s books because they are humorous and entertaining. They have a way of making me happy.
    It is hard to choose a favorite. One of the many would be Out of the Ordinary.

  8. Jen Turano writes the best books! I love the humor in her stories and the quirky characters. She manages to write all that while still adding depth, history, and character development!

  9. Jen Turano’s books have literally made me laugh out loud. I love knowing that when I pick up one of her books that they will be happy and funny. Life is hard and we all go through things that make our world go upside down but I enjoy reading a book thats not only uplifting and funny but also Godly too and reminds us that we have a Savior that’ll make us just as joyful as Jen’s books have.
    My favorite has to be In Good Company! Followed by Caught by Surprise!

  10. My favorite thing about Jen Turano’s books, I’m able to visualize each thing she writes about.
    Almost like being there!

  11. I love all the AMAZING characters!! Such personalities that have grace and funny moments! They are brave and sweet!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. I enjoy Jen Turano’s books because they are funny without being completely silly….I just can’t handle silly. There’s always a good faith thread. I have trouble picking favorites but maybe A Talent for Trouble as a favorite?

  13. I love that they make me smile/ laugh! And I don’t really do favorites, so I’ll say whichever one I’m currently reading! 😊

  14. Jen’s books literally make me laugh out loud. I can’t read her books in bed after my husband’s gone to sleep because I never know when she’s going to crack me up. I think my favorite book so far is Out of the Ordinary.

  15. Jan. Turano’s books do not offend. They are a clean and enjoyable read. All of her books are my favorite that I read.

  16. I have only been blessed to read 2 of Jen Turano’s Books, and I loved them both. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy this latest book.
    My Favorite of the two books I’ve read is the last book she wrote. I’m sorry I’m not at home to get the title, I suffer with a terrible memory for names, and Titles, but remember other things easily. Oh, I know, ” Flights of Fancy”!
    Jen’s humour is contagious, and so enjoyable.

  17. I love the wonderful characters. It is so hard to pick a favorite, but I guess I would say After a Fashion- loved all the fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. I have most of her books excerpt for maybe three. Haven’t read many yet. The first book I read by her was the one with Match in the title. I enjoyed the pig and humor, which made me want to read more of her books.

  19. I’m a new Jen Turano fan. Wish I knew of her books years ago. So far my favorite books are tied for 1st with Flights of Fancy (loved the humor) & Treasured Grace (very suspenseful). I love how Jen pulls in history into her writings & her humor. I gave my mother-in-law my copy of Flights of Fancy to read & she laughed out loud so much while reading it my father-in-law (their 80 years old) has to read it. Keep them coming Jen.

  20. I have read several of her books and always find them funny but containing an underlying message. Behind the Scenes was a recent favorite.

  21. The characters are always great but what I live the most is that I start laughing in the first page and don’t stop unite the end. My favorite is After a Fashion.

  22. i have enjoyed every one of Jen’s books that I have read for the fun characters, witty banter and faith elements. Too hard to pick a favorite!

  23. Jen is my favorite author! I love her talent in storytelling. Each book is full of humor, faith, and happy endings. My current favorites are Behind the Scenes and Out of the Ordinary.

  24. I love her characters, their humor, and all the different storylines. One of her books I really like is In Good Company.

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